Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Sinceros - 1979 - Boston and London Radio Shows

The Sinceros
Rat Club, Boston, MA
BBC Radio One in Concert, Paris Theatre Studios, London, UK

FM Broadcast recordings, very good quality
mp3 @320 kbps

Here's some more Live Sinceros for you (well, at least for the few that seem interested), with a combination of 2 live radio shows from 1979, one from Boston, one from London. Although the setlist covers pretty much the same material as those previously posted (with the exception of a new rarity, 'Beady Eyes' included in this set), they are once again, fun shows worth hearing (and since there are so few available shows, they are all precious). So, here they are again, that great, fun, Power Pop group from the late seventies, The Sinceros. 

01. Introduction and Tuning
02. Something's Happening Now
03. I Still Miss You
04. Count The Beating Hearts
05. Walls Floors and Ceilings
06. Up There
07. Disappearing
08. I Can't Stop
09. Little White Lie
10. Television Vision
11. Good Luck To You
12. Take Me To Your Leader
13. Worlds Apart
14. Something's Happening Now
15. I Still Miss You
16. Count The Beating Hearts
17. Little White Lie
18. Disappearing
19. Beady Eyes
20. Take Me To Your Leader
21. Worlds Apart
22. Are You Ready?

Mark Kjeldsen - Guitar and Vocals
Don Snow (a/k/a Jonn Savannah) - Keys and Vocals
Ron Francois - Bass and Vocals
Bobbi Irwin - Drums and Vocals


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Unknown said...

I'm very interested - thank you for posting these! I think there might be a full recording of their show at My Father's Place from 11/13/79, which was broadcast on WLIR-FM. One song from that show, "Walls, Floors & Ceilings", can be heard on The Sound of Sunbathing CD as a bonus cut, and is of excellent sound quality. Keep up the great work!