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The Sinceros - 1978 - Hope & Anchor Pub, London

The Sinceros
Fall 1978
Hope & Anchor Pub, Islington, London, UK

(Date uncertain, as band played several dates there between September and December 1978)
Audience recording, good quality
mp3 @ 320 kbps

More Sinceros for you (fun Power Pop band, see previous post), this one a relatively early gig from the Fall of '78, at the Hope & Anchor Pub. This 1978 show features several different earlier songs that were not played on subsequent tours, including 'City Summers', 'Hanging On Too Long', 'Rich Quick', and 'My Little Letters'. Although the vocals and harmonies are a bit more rough around the edges here (probably more due to onstage sound/monitor problems, than their singing abilities), this nonetheless is a fun early show, with good sound quality.

01. Something's Happening Now
02. I Still Miss You
03. Quick Quick Slow (with alternate opening)
04. Count The Beating Hearts
05. Are You Ready?
06. City Summers
07. Walls Floors and Ceilings
08. Hanging On Too Long
09. Rich Quick
10. Good Luck To You
11. Girl I Realize
12. Little White Lie
13. My Little Letter
14. Take Me To Your Leader
15. Worlds Apart
16. Take Me To Your Leader

Mark Kjeldsen - Guitar and Vocals
Don Snow (a/k/a Jonn Savannah) - Keys and Vocals
Ron Francois - Bass and Vocals
Bobbi Irwin - Drums and Vocals

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