Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Kinks - 1969-10-23&25 - Boston Tea Party, Boston

The Kinks
October 23 & 25, 1969
Boston Tea Party
Boston, MA

Audience recording, Fair quality
mp3 @ VBR 220-320 kbps
Artwork included

Here's a set of vintage Kinks shows, again from their triumphant return to America in the fall of 1969 (after a 4-year imposed exile). This collection, containing the complete shows from 10/23 and 10/25 at the Boston Tea Party, while certainly not a high quality recording (although really not bad for the times), nonetheless provides the most complete setlist and performances from this unique and great period for the band. If you want high quality recording, stick with the Fillmore West show (available here), but for more complete shows and the full-range concert experience (albeit in lesser quality), this is also an important recording for Kinks fans.
October 23, 1969
01. Last Of The Steam Powered Trains
02. Mindless Child Of Motherhood
03. Waterloo Sunset 
04. Intros/tuning
05. Mr.Churchill Says
06. Victoria
07. You Really Got Me >
08. All Day And All Of The Night
09-11. Medley: A Well Respected Man / Death Of A Clown / Dandy
12-14. Medley: Milk Cow Blues / See My Friend / Rip It Up
15. Brainwashed
16. Sunny Afternoon
17. Till The End Of The Day

October 25, 1st set
18. Till the End of the Day/Lincoln County
19. You're Looking Fine
20. Waterloo Sunset
21. You Really Got Me
22. All Day and All of the Night
23. Mr. Churchill Says
24. Intros
25. Fancy
26. Last of the Steam-Powered Trains

October 25, 2nd set
27. Louie Louie
28. Mindless Chuild of Motherhood
29. Victoria
30. Mr. Churchill Says
31-33. Medley; Well-Respected Man / Death of a Clown / Dandy
34. Love Me Till The Sun Shines
35. Sunny Afternoon
36. Don't You Fret
37-40. Medley: Milk Cow Blues / Rip it Up / See My Friend / Brainwashed
41. Village Green Preservation Society

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Anonymous said...

Any chance of a lossless link? You've got a great pile'o'Kinks!

Mr. Pleasant said...

Thank you for the files, but the songs are not at 320 Kbps.

BBKron said...

Mr. Pleasant,

Yes, you are right. These were made using a variable bit rate (which was a popular way to encode mp3 files several years ago, adjusting the bit rate depending on the complexity of the music), and thus the actual bit rates range from around 220 to 320 kbps, with an average around 250. This was the way I received these files, as I do not have a lossless source for them. Sorry for any confusion.