Monday, January 23, 2012

America - 'New' old recording? Well, not really

Recently, I was excited to find what appeared to be another early live recording from America (at the Guitars101 forum). It was labelled as from a 1973 BBC radio show. However, in obtaining and listening to it, it was clear that it was just a highly edited version of the 02-1972 Philadelphia (Sigma Sound Studios - WMMR Broadcast) show that has already been posted and is available here (and which included the full show - 4 more songs than this BBC show, and all of the between song talk and banter). Although this may indeed have been broadcast by the BBC in 1973, it most certainly was taken from the same source show as the 1972 Philadelphia show and broadcast. And although the recording is very good, it is not quite as great as the sound quality of that superb Philadelphia FM recording (previously offered). It is, however, definitely from a different recording, as this one does not have the brief cut (from tape flip) in 'Coming Into Los Angeles' that was present in the previous recording, so that is the one 'new' aspect of this recording, as it contains that one section missing from the previous recording of this show. Accordingly, I have spliced together that brief missing segment into the track from the Philly show, to recreate the full-length song, without the cut (the splice is relatively seamless, barely noticeable). That 'corrected track' has now been put into the download for the 1972 Philly show, so it is now already included in any further downloads of that show. Anyway, just wanted to let everyone know that this supposed 1973 show is not anything 'new' (and thus I will not be posting it), just an edited version of a previously available show, and that a superior full version of the show is already available. And now with this spliced version correcting the one track that was cut in the previous version, we now truly have the full concert. There are so few available recordings from this great period, so, although this one turned out not to be anything 'new', it still was great to see something else turn up (and now we have the 'complete' Philly show in great quality).  

For those that don't already have the 1972 Philly show, here is the link page for that show, which is now available in Lossless, as well as mp3: 

America_1972_Philadelphia_FM_updated page