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Gene Clark & The Firebyrds - 1984-02-03 - Mohawk Club, Shirley, MA

Gene Clark and The Firebyrds
Mohawk Club, Shirley, MA

Audience recording, decent quality
Available in both Lossless (FLAC)
and mp3 @ 320 kbps versions
Custom artwork Included

OK, here's one especially for all the Gene Clark fans out there, and another in our series of previously uncirculated audience recordings from David M. This one is a rousing Gene Clark performance with The Firebyrds from his 1984 tour, featuring a great cross-section of songs from throughout his career, as well as some choice covers (including two very different versions of Beatles songs). This show is a personal favorite of David's, and Gene is his favorite artist. Gene starts the show with 3 songs done solo acoustic, then brings out the band for the bulk of the set. Included here is also an apparent rarity: he performs a countrified version of the Beatles 'I'll Cry Instead', after which he says that it was the first time he ever performed that song, and I have not seen it listed in the setlists of other shows from this tour, or other later Gene Clark shows. This is a decent quality recording; not great, but not bad, and is probably the only recording in existence from this show. So, once again, we owe our thanks to David M for preserving these remarkable moments in music and time that can never be repeated, for us all to hear and enjoy all these years later. Once again, I have done some minor editing, re-tracking, and adjustments to help improve the sound and presentation, but for the most part, this is the whole show just as it was performed back in 1984. So, presented here for the first time on the BB Chronicles, the remarkable and irreplaceable talent of Gene Clark.

1. Here Without You (solo acoustic)
2. Silver Raven (solo acoustic)
3. Gypsy Rider (solo acoustic)
4. Ain't Living Long Like This (w/band)
5. She Darked The Sun
6. You Showed Me
7. Something About You
8. Kansas City Southern
9. Blue Raven
10. I'll Cry Instead
11. Vanessa
12. Rodeo Rider
13. Train Leaves Here This Morning
14. Into The Night
15. Dixie Flyer
16. She Loves You
17. 7th Avenue Train ('Hula Bula Man') (end cut/tape flip)
18. Mr Tambourine Man
19. I'll Feel A Whole Lot Better
20. Eight Miles High

Gene Clark: guitar, vocals
Michael Clarke: drums
Matt Andes: lead guitar, vocals
Peter Oliva: bass, vocals
Mike Hardwick; guitar, pedal steel

New Link Updated 12/22/13
mp3: Gene_Clark_1984-2-3_Shirley_mp3.rar
Flac version: Gene_Clark_1984-2-3_Shirley_FLAC-pt1.rar


Rocking--Byrd said...

Thnaks a lot; "I'll Cry Instead" is indeed a true rarity; I never heard it performed by Gene before.

Rocking--Byrd said...

Really curious about "7th avenue train"...

Rocking--Byrd said...

Track 17 is called "Hula Bula Man"

BBKron said...

Rocking--Byrd, Thanks for the verification that 'I'll Cry Instead' is indeed a rarity. Although I was not familiar with him ever performing it, I have not heard many shows from this period, so I wasn't sure. As for 'Hula Bula Man', that may be the recognized name for the song, but Gene distinctly introduces the song with "This song is called '7th Avenue Train'" (he says it twice actually), so I will stick with what Gene calls the song. Thanks for the input.

Rocking--Byrd said...

Track 17 appears on an official CD called "Three Byrds Land In London" (live 1977) released by BBC Records, and it's titled "Hula Bula Man". It also appears on several boots from that era and is always titled "Hula Bula Man". But Gene is known for changing and introducing songs with various titles; he always did that. I have a tape somewhere by MCH and he introduces a song and both McGuinn and Hillman wonder what song he's talking about.

sunny15blue said...

many thanks really looking forward to this-there are some very lively firebyrd performances-and yes he often give the first line as the title too:here is'funny how the circle is a wheel',or...this is called'there's been some misunderstanding'

sunny15blue said...

...oh and just realised that something about you and more particularly vanessa which i 'm sure i've never heard live are on here-great!!

BBKron said...

Thanks for the comments. I didn't know that was a regular thing with Gene. But, I like it, it's kinda cool that regardless of the actual published song name, he has his own designation. So, even more so, if that's what Gene wants to call it, who am I to correct or contradict him, right? Interesting tidbit.

pueblo47 said...

Wow, thanks for this one! Really like Gene's voice, especially on She Darked The Sun and Train Leaves Here This Morning.

Sha said...

Thanks for this! Gene had some really good songs on his 'Firebyrd' album that work well in a live setting. I especially love the version of 'Vanessa' on this!

Cat said...

Even though the song is listed on multiple albums as Hula Bula Man - the BMI copyright for the song gives the title "7th Avenue Train" written by Gene Clark and Tommy Kaye. Interestingly - Tommy Kaye has copyright on a song called Hoola Moola Man that he wrote with Doug McClure.....Hmmm.

lost_jewels said...

Hi BB,

Thank you for sharing this with the Gene Fans.You have great tatse and are a coinneuseur according your blog. Please keep up the good wore.
Very nice gig, the comments made it more precious while listening to it.
There cannot be enough music from Gene spread around the world.
dj and uwe

lost_jewels said...

So sorry the phrase must be:

keep up the good work.

lost_jewels said...

Hi BB,

Please allow us to use your great and worthfull comment as an inlay to the cd's we make from this gigs.

It makes the listening experince nicer.

Please be ashured that no is an answer too.

Stay well, dj and uwe

BBKron said...

dj and Uwe,
Of course you are welcome to include my comments on your CD artwork, just cite that they come from The BB Chronicles, etc. I'm so glad you found this site and are enjoying these shows, since you seem to be such big fans of Gene Clark.


lost_jewels said...

Thank you very much for your permission. My grandpa (Uwe) is already in 7th haven with all the things I find regarding Gene Clark and the gigs on your and RockingB blog.

Here are the lines we includes in the inlay. Please feel free to edit if you want to. I'm a newby and me and grandpa don't want to offend anybody.

Inlaycomment with permission from BB Chronicles. His blog is a garden full of lost_jewels from Gene Clark as well as other great musicians. Please feel free to explore it.

Also there is an e-book on the net titled: Remembering Gene Clark.
Very nicely done.

Later, stay healhty, dj and uwe