Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Guess Who - 1974-08-31 - CNE, Toronto, ON

The Guess Who
August 31st, 1974
Canadian National Exhibition Place, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Soundboard recording, decent sound quality
Available in both lossless (FLAC) and mp3 (320 kbps) versions

Here's one more Guess Who show. This one comes from their 1974 Flavours tour and features a nice mix of songs from their then-recent albums (Flavours, Road Food) and their older classics. Although this show is sourced from a soundboard recording, it appears to come from an old low-quality cassette recording, as several limitations and artefacts from a deteriorating cassette tape are apparent in the sound quality, so it has decent, but not great sound. However, it's well-worth checking out, as it's a very good performance and contains a few different songs from other shows from this period (1974-75) previously featured. So, once again, since there are so few good quality live boots of classic Guess Who available out there, I feel compelled and obligated to pass along any and all decent Guess Who recordings so that they will be available to all. So, here again are The Guess Who in fine form in 1974.

Disc One
01. Bus Rider
02. Dirty
03. Albert Flasher
04. Hand Me Down World
05. Star Baby
06. Glamour Boy
07. Undun
08. Those Show Biz Shoes

Disc Two
01. (cut) Straighten Out
02. These Eyes
03. Clap For The Wolfman
04. American Woman (cut)
05. Dancing Fool
06. No Time
07. Orly
08. Long Gone (cut)

MP3 - Guess Who - 1974-08-31 - Toronto mp3

FLAC - Guess Who - 1974-08-31 - Toronto FLAC-disc1
    Guess Who - 1974-08-31 - Toronto FLAC-disc2


KDNYfm said...

Wow!! Been Searching for this for years!!
What a great show this was to be at!!
Burton Cummings was in excellent form, and Troiano was simply superb!!

Thanx very much!!

jan said...

I also was at this concert and it was the best. I moved to Winnipeg in 1980 and tonight I just got home from a concert with some of the best Winnipeg musicians along with the Winnipeg Chamber Orchestra and would you know, Bill Wallace right in the thick of it. I remember him from the CNE concert like it was yesterday. A great musician but I have to say ,being a teenage girl it was the long hair and buckskin suit that did it for me lol.

Gerard Haughey said...

This was my first rock concert ever. Borrowed my dad's car to travel into Toronto but slid through an intersection in the rain north of town and cracked it up on the morning of the show. After the wrecked car was towed away and the police finished their citation writing I was a long haired 17 year old hitch-hiking with my buddy, Paul, to get to the show. We made it in one piece. Super impressed to see the band get dropped off in front of the stage in long white limos. Settled in and rocked the show. Remember Burton Cummings commenting that he was dusting off cob webs to sing These Eyes. Seems like 8 millions years ago ..... also seems like yesterday. Thanks for posting this time capsule.