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10cc - 1975-11-26 - Santa Monica Civic Center, Santa Monica, CA

Santa Monica Civic Center, Santa Monica, CA

Pre-FM Soundboard recording, excellent quality
Available in both lossless (FLAC) and Mp3 (320 kbps) versions

Listening to the Graham Gouldman acoustic show naturally made me want to hear some 10cc, and their original, unique, sometimes bizarre and sometimes zany take on '70's pop music . There's not many high quality unofficial live recordings from the earlier days of the band, but this is probably the best around. It is a full-length show from their 1975 American Tour, in support of their breakthrough album, The Original Soundtrack (1975), their third official LP. Although the band achieved earlier success in the UK with their first two albums, 10cc (1973) and Sheet Music (1974), it wasn't until Original Soundtrack and their hit, 'I'm Not in Love' that they scored on the US charts. Thus, the 1975 tour was their first tour as headlining act in the US. The set featured songs from their two most recent albums, as well as a preview of a song ('Art For Art's Sake') from their next album, How Dare You (1976), which would be the last album that included original members Godley and Creme. Enjoy this 1975 look at 10cc.

Note: This show has been widely distributed with the date as November 11, 1975, but this is not correct. Verification by tour schedules and various 10cc fan sites shows that the correct date is November 26. (The band started their West Coast shows on 11/13 in Vancouver, and over the next 2 weeks made their way down the coast, through Washington, Oregon, and Northern CA, before their Southern CA date in Santa Monica on the 26th). See pic of backstage pass at bottom of post for date verification.  

01. Introduction (1:31)
02. Silly Love (4:34)
03. Flying Junk (3:54)
04. Interlude (1:39)
05. Baron Samedi (8:56)
06. Old Wild Men (5:11)
07. Interlude – 1 (2:21)
08. The Sacro-Iliac (2:45)
09. Interlude – 2 (0:49)
10. Somewhere In Hollywood (7:08)
11. Interlude – 3 (1:02)
12. Donna (3:37)
13. Interlude – 4 (0:56)
14. Ships Don’t Disappear in the Night (Do They) (5:18)
15. I’m Not In Love (6:34)
16. Interlude – 5 (1:31)
17. The Film of My Love (6:01)
18. Interlude – 6 (1:52)
19. Art For Art’s Sake (6:39)
20. Interlude – 7 (1:01)
21. The Worst Band In the World (3:34)
22. Neanderthal Man (1:27)
23. The Wall Street Shuffle (5:20)
24. Rubber Bullets (12:11)
25. Une Nuit a Paris, Pt- 1 One Night in Paris Pt- 2 The Same Night in Paris (10:33)

Eric Stewart - vocals, guitars, keyboards;
Graham Gouldman - vocals, bass, guitars;
Lol Crème - vocals, guitars, pinao, gizmo;
Kevin Godley - vocals, drums, percussion;
Paul Burgess - drums, percussion

FLAC - 10cc_1975-11-26_Santa MonicaCA_FLAC.rar

Mp3 - 10cc_1975-11-26_Santa MonicaCA_mp3.rar


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