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Steve Hackett & Friends - 1996-12-20 - Nagoya, Japan - PRRP-042B

Steve Hackett & Friends
December 20, 1996
Nagoya Kouseinenkin Hall, Nagoya, Japan
PRRP 042B - A Friendly Fold

Remastered Audience Recording (PRRP), good quality.
Available in both Lossless (FLAC) and mp3 (320 kbps) versions

OK, this one is by request. Here is the last night of Steve Hackett's limited (4-night) 1996 concert tour in Japan, and second half of the PRRP-042 release A Friendly Fold, which featured an all-star prog back-up band (with John Wetton and Ian MacDonald of King Crimson fame) and Steve's re-interpretations of Classic Genesis tracks (following the release of Genesis Revisited). A wonderful show. Although the setlist is the same as the previous night in Osaka (which was previously posted here earlier this year), it's still a treat to hear these progressive pros at work in this show. So, this completes that set of concerts. And although there is nothing played here that would constitute Christmas music, I'm still counting this as a Christmas Concert because it happened during the Christmas Holiday Season, and I'm sure it was a wonderful Christmas gift for all who attended, as well as for Julio, who requested I post this show. So, Ho Ho Ho, here's Steve's version of a Christmas show.
01 Watcher Of The Skies  9:07
02 Depth Charge  4:47
03 Firth Of Fifth  10:23
04 Battle Lines  7:18
05 Camino Royale  8:45
06 In The Court Of The Crimson King  8:27
07 Horizons  1:53
08 Walking Away From Rainbows  3:52
09 Heat Of The Moment  4:56
10 ....In That Quiet Earth  4:48
11 A Vampire (with A Healthy Appetite)  8:06
12 I Talk To The Wind  6:00
13 Shadow Of The Hierophant  3:59
14 Drum Solo  4:52
15 Los Endos 8:45
16 Cuckoo Cocoon - Black Light - Puck  3:38
17 The Steppes  7:58
18 I Know What I Like  10:40

Steve Hackett - Guitars, harmonica, Lead & backing Vocals
John Wetton - Bass, Guitar, Lead & Backing Vocals
Ian McDonald - Keyboards, Flute, Saxophone, Lead & Backing Vocals
Julian Colbeck - Keyboards & Backing Vocals
Chester Thompson - Drums & Percussion

FLAC - Steve Hackett_1996-12-20_Nagoya_PRRP042B.FLAC.part1.rar
        - Steve Hackett_1996-12-20_Nagoya_PRRP042B.FLAC.part2.rar

mp3 - Steve Hackett_1996-12-20_Nagoya_PRRP042B.mp3.rar

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