Friday, November 1, 2013

John Hiatt - 1993-10-30 - London (Pre-FM)

John Hiatt
(& The Guilty Dogs)
The Forum, London, UK

Pre-FM Broadcast recording, excellent quality
mp3 @ 320 kbps
Artwork Included

How about some John Hiatt? Here is a great-sounding full-length concert radio broadcast from early in John's tour for his 1993 album, Perfectly Good Guitar. This is a tour that I haven't featured anything from previously, so this is a great addition to the shows already presented. In 1993, following John's less than successful stint with the intriguing star-filled but commercially failed venture known as Little Village, and inspired by the some of the young alternative bands his son was listening to at the time, John decided to move forward in a more hard-edged straight-on rock approach for his next album. So, John got with producer Matt Wallace (Faith No More, The Replacements) and assembled a band of young alt-rockers, including members of School of Fish and Wire Train, and in two weeks put together an album of decidedly harder-edged rock songs than any of his previous albums. For some (those with a bent towards harder rock), this was a welcome relief and praised this as some of his best work, while those that preferred his more folksy-countryish rock style were less impressed. For me, it was a mixed effort, as there are some very good songs here, but overall, I much preferred his previous albums and the more folksy style, and thought that the harder rock style did not mesh very well with his songs and songwriting style. True to the album and his mind-set at the time, the live shows for this tour featured a young, lean, muscular band that offered more rocking and aggressive versions of all of John's songs. So, if you prefer harder driving live shows, this is the John Hiatt tour for you. For me, Slow Turning was his very best album, and his tours with The Goners as back-up the best band and arrangements, but many others prefer these rockier versions and The Guilty Dogs. So check out John and his band for this harder-edged sound and style, and this excellent recording, and decide for yourself which songs and style you prefer. But it's all good with John Hiatt, anytime, all the time, right?

01. Through Your  Hands
02. Drive South
03. Cross My Fingers
04. Permanent Hurt
05. Child Of The Wild Blue Yonder
06. Loving A Hurricane
07. When You Hold Me Tight
08. Paper Thin
09. Straight Out Of Time
10. Your Dad Did
11. Something Wild
12. Have a Little Faith In Me
13. Buffalo River Home
14. Angel
15. Thing Called Love
16. I Don’t Even Try
17. Perfectly Good Guitar
18. Thank You Girl
19. Slow Turning
20. Georgia Rae
21. Tennessee Plates
22. Lipstick Sunset
23. Real Fine Love
24. Feels Like Rain

John Hiatt: guitar, vocals
& The Guilty Dogs:
Michael Ward: gutar, vocals
Corky James: guitar, vocals
Davey Faragher: bass, vocals
Michael Urbano: drums

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hurley said...

I so loved his "Guilty Dogs" era. Now how does one acquire these jams?

BBKron said...

Download link fixed/updated