Thursday, October 24, 2013

BoDeans - 1992-02-17 - Atlanta, GA (WestWood 1 radio show)

1992-02-17 (Broadcast date, recording date unknown)
Center Stage, Atlanta, GA

Pre-FM Broadcast recording (Westwood One In Concert 92-08), excellent quality
Available in both Lossless (FLAC) and mp3 (320 kbps) versions

Here's a short but very sweet radio show from the American Midwest 'roots-rockin' BoDeans, from 1992, which just may be around the period when they were at their very best, and certainly in their prime. This show came on the heels of 2 of their best albums (Home, 1989 and Black & White, 1991) and features primarily songs from those albums, including the seldom heard 'Brand New' from Home (one of my all-time favorites by them). And although they developed a seemingly 'more commercial' pop-rock sound on Black & White, exemplified in 'Paradise' and 'Good Things', mainstream success still eluded them. However, they finally did score a 'hit' after the song 'Closer to Free' from their next album, Go Slow Down (1993), was featured on the TV show Party of Five and became popular. Although the band has many songs that shoulda/coulda been 'hits', this was the only one to gain mainstream success. But the BoDeans have been chugging along as a great American Roots-Rock band for thirty years now, putting out many fine albums and great live shows. Certainly another in a long line of great, but largely unheralded rock bands. Although still around today, unfortunately Sam Llanas, co-founder and half of the driving spirit of the band (along with Kurt Neumann), abruptly quit the group in 2011 to go solo. But Kurt has added a couple new members and is continuing the fine tradition of the BoDeans, having released a new album, American Made, in 2012.  

01.  Broadcast Intro
02.  Paradise
03.  Brand New
04.  Fadeaway
05. DJ Interjection
06.  Good Things
07.  Long Hard Day
08.  Still The Night - My Girl Lollipop
09.  Good Work
10.  Black, White and Blood Red

mp3: BoDeans_1992_WW1_Atlanta_mp3.rar
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FLAC: BoDeans_1992_WW1_Atlanta_FLAC.rar

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