Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Flying Burrito Brothers - 1969-07-27 & 1970-05 - Woodenville, WA & Wynona, MN

The Flying Burrito Brothers
Seattle Pop Festival, Woodenville, WA
Additional tracks - 1970-05, Wynona, MN
"The High Lonesome Sound of The Flying Burrito Brothers"

Sounboard recording, Very good quality
mp3 @ 320
Artwork Included

Here's some more Flying Burrito Brothers, this one from a little earlier, featuring a couple variations on their earlier lineups. In this way, we can hear how the music and sound from the varying personnel differed. This is a well-travelled bootleg release that combines 2 shows together, the first is the full show from the Seattle Pop Festival in July 1969, and featuring the original lineup (with Gram parsons & Chris Ethridge). The second part are some tracks from a show in Wynona, MN in May 1970. By this time, Chris Ethridge had left and was replaced by Bernie Leadon (with Chris Hillman shifting to Bass and Bernie playing lead guitar). This also was among the last of the shows with Gram Parsons still a part of the band (Thanks for the correction, David!). Gram had become unreliable (due to lack of interest & discipline, and the start of his drug problem), not showing up, missing gigs, etc., but was at this show. Within the next month Gram would be officially booted from the band. Much more about Gram Parsons in the next post. For now, just sit back and enjoy these fine, early vintage FBB shows.

1. Close Up The Honky Tonks 2:40
2. Dark End Of The Street 3:54
3. Sweet Mental Revenge 3:15
4. The Image Of Me 3:22
5. Christine's Tune 5:34
6. Sin City 4:09
7. Man In A Fog 2:47
8. Wake Up Little Susie 3:11
9. You Win Again 3:38
10. We've Got To Get Ourselves Together 3:44
11. She Thinks I Still Care 5:29
12. Sweet Dreams Baby 2:55
13. Lucille 2:37
14. Take A Message To Mary 3:07
15. Train Song 3:28
16. Lazy Day 4:03
17. 100 Years Ago 3:09
18. My Uncle 3:02
19. High Fashion Queen 2:12
20. Cody Cody 3:03
21. Wild Horses 6:21

Tracks 1-15, 07-27-1969, Seattle Pop Festival, Woodenville, WA,
Lineup: Gram Parsons, Chris Hillman, Chris Ethridge, Sneaky Pete Kleinow, Michael Clarke
Tracks 16-21, 05-1970, Wynona, MN,  Lineup: Gram Parsons, Chris Hillman, Bernie Leadon, Sneaky Pete Kleinow, Michael Clarke

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pueblo47 said...

Wow, I missed this one yesterday but have it now. Can't beat the Burritos, especially with Bernie Leadon. This is a treasure trove, I love it. Thanks again.

Let's Find H-Man A Wife said...

Very nice selection here. I love Sweet Mental Revenge. Thank you.

david said...

contrary to the liner notes, Gram Parsons is on the Wynonna show. This was shortly before he was fired, but his vocals and introductions are unmistakable.