Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Randy Newman - 1983-04-17 - Berkeley, CA

Randy Newman - "Berkeley"
Berkeley Community Theatre, Berkeley, CA
Very Good Audience Recording
mp3 @ 192 kbps
Artwork Included

OK, So Randy is not exactly a 'rocker', but he certainly is a quality piano guy, and one of the great American singer-songwriters and composers of our time. So, here's a well-recorded, great full-length show from 1983 of just Randy, his piano, his wit, and his songs. Here we get his full mordant, sardonic, sarcastic, or however you want to describe his controversial lyrics and style, and the set includes virtually all of his classics, as well as many lesser-known (but excellent, like one of my faves, 'Baltimore') songs in this show, which was shortly before he began devoting most of his time to film scores and theatrical productions. So, here's to another underappreciated piano-based songsmith, Randy Newman. (Also, it's coincidental and interesting that this show is practically from the very same day in 1983 that the Joe Jackson show posted earlier was from. Different parts of the world, but both rockin' in their own unique way).

01. It's Money That I Love [02:31]
02. Yellow Man [02:19]
03. Marie [03:02]
04. Kingfish [02:27]
05. Burn On [02:26]
06. Real Emotional Girl [02:51]
07. Christmas In Capetown [04:35]
08. Sigmund Freuds Impersonation Of Albert Einstein In America [02:24]
09. Short People [02:17]
10. In Germany Before The War [03:39]
11. Birmingham [02:17]
12. I Love La [02:58]
13. Linda [02:17]
14. Louisiana 1927 [02:59]
15. God's Song [03:12]
16. Political Science [02:52]

01. They Just Got Married [02:10]
02. Love Story [02:56]
03. You Can Leave Your Hat On [02:34]
04. Same Girl [02:44]
05. Simon Smith & His Amazing Dancing Bear [01:53]
06. The Girls In My Life (Part 1) [02:15]
07. Rednecks [03:03]
08. Sail Away [02:46]
09. A Wedding In Cherokee County [03:20]
10. Baltimore [03:25]
11. My Life Is Good [03:42]
12. Rider In The Rain [03:14]
13. Jolly Coppers On Parade [02:56]
14. Song For The Dead [03:29]
15. Lonely At The Top [02:16]
16. Guilty [02:45]
17. Davy The Fat Boy [03:15]
18. I Think Its Going To Rain Today [03:29]
19. Blue Monday [01:34]
98:52 min
136.2 MB

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zico said...

Randy is simply great. And Thank God is one of sadly few artist that i love whom I had the chance to see live on stage about more than two decades ago.

Bubs said...

Could you update this link too, please? Thanks :)

trucha3 said...

Thanks for the new link, and for the original post. If there's a songwriter heaven, he surely deserves a place there. For sheer originality, wit, and a skewed view of humanity, is there anyone comparable who can write such memorable melodies? BTW, if anyone has his Symphony Center, Chicago, Nov 3, 2006 concert, would you consider posting it?