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10cc - 1975-11-26 - Santa Monica Civic Center, Santa Monica, CA

Santa Monica Civic Center, Santa Monica, CA

Pre-FM Soundboard recording, excellent quality
Available in both lossless (FLAC) and Mp3 (320 kbps) versions

Listening to the Graham Gouldman acoustic show naturally made me want to hear some 10cc, and their original, unique, sometimes bizarre and sometimes zany take on '70's pop music . There's not many high quality unofficial live recordings from the earlier days of the band, but this is probably the best around. It is a full-length show from their 1975 American Tour, in support of their breakthrough album, The Original Soundtrack (1975), their third official LP. Although the band achieved earlier success in the UK with their first two albums, 10cc (1973) and Sheet Music (1974), it wasn't until Original Soundtrack and their hit, 'I'm Not in Love' that they scored on the US charts. Thus, the 1975 tour was their first tour as headlining act in the US. The set featured songs from their two most recent albums, as well as a preview of a song ('Art For Art's Sake') from their next album, How Dare You (1976), which would be the last album that included original members Godley and Creme. Enjoy this 1975 look at 10cc.

Note: This show has been widely distributed with the date as November 11, 1975, but this is not correct. Verification by tour schedules and various 10cc fan sites shows that the correct date is November 26. (The band started their West Coast shows on 11/13 in Vancouver, and over the next 2 weeks made their way down the coast, through Washington, Oregon, and Northern CA, before their Southern CA date in Santa Monica on the 26th). See pic of backstage pass at bottom of post for date verification.  

01. Introduction (1:31)
02. Silly Love (4:34)
03. Flying Junk (3:54)
04. Interlude (1:39)
05. Baron Samedi (8:56)
06. Old Wild Men (5:11)
07. Interlude – 1 (2:21)
08. The Sacro-Iliac (2:45)
09. Interlude – 2 (0:49)
10. Somewhere In Hollywood (7:08)
11. Interlude – 3 (1:02)
12. Donna (3:37)
13. Interlude – 4 (0:56)
14. Ships Don’t Disappear in the Night (Do They) (5:18)
15. I’m Not In Love (6:34)
16. Interlude – 5 (1:31)
17. The Film of My Love (6:01)
18. Interlude – 6 (1:52)
19. Art For Art’s Sake (6:39)
20. Interlude – 7 (1:01)
21. The Worst Band In the World (3:34)
22. Neanderthal Man (1:27)
23. The Wall Street Shuffle (5:20)
24. Rubber Bullets (12:11)
25. Une Nuit a Paris, Pt- 1 One Night in Paris Pt- 2 The Same Night in Paris (10:33)

Eric Stewart - vocals, guitars, keyboards;
Graham Gouldman - vocals, bass, guitars;
Lol Crème - vocals, guitars, pinao, gizmo;
Kevin Godley - vocals, drums, percussion;
Paul Burgess - drums, percussion

FLAC - 10cc_1975-11-26_Santa MonicaCA_FLAC.rar

Mp3 - 10cc_1975-11-26_Santa MonicaCA_mp3.rar

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Graham Gouldman - Heart Full of Songs Live! - 2013

Graham Gouldman & Friends
Heart Full of Songs Live!
Unknown dates and venues, 2013

Acoustic performance
Soundboard recording, excellent quality (promotional release)
Mp3 @320 kbps

Graham Gouldman, best-known as a member of the wonderful band 10cc, established himself as a successful songwriter long before his involvement with 10cc. Although his own early bands did not gain much success (The Mockingbirds, The Mindbenders), in the mid-sixties he wrote a string of hit songs for other bands, including The Yardbirds ('For Your Love', 'Heart Full of Soul', 'Evil Hearted You'), The Hollies ('Look Through Any Window', 'Bus Stop'), Herman's Hermits ('Listen People', 'No Milk Today'), and Wayne Fontana ('Pamela, Pamela'). In 1969, Gouldman entered into an agreement to write bubblegum pop songs for Super K productions, which was a 'creative lowpoint' for him, but he eventually convinced the producers that him and his musician friends could play and record all their songs for much cheaper than bringing in outside musicians, and so they did. This brought together Gouldman with Eric Stewart, Kevin Godley, and Lol Creme (whom he had worked with previously in various bands) to crank out a large number of pop songs in a short period of time, under many different band names, at Strawberry Studios, and eventually lead to them becoming 10cc, in 1972, with a record deal of their own. And, of course, 10cc went on to much success, with both hit records and critical acclaim over the next several years. But by 1976, Godley and Creme left the group, with Gouldman and Stewart carrying on as 10cc until 1983. Gouldman then teamed with Andrew Gold to form Wax in 1984 and released three albums over the next few years. Then in 1991, the original lineup of 10cc briefly got back together in a semi-reunion (Godley and Creme were basically guesting on a Gouldman-Stewart album) with additional guest artists (such as Jeff Porcaro and David Paich of Toto, Dr. John, and Andrew Gold) for the 10cc 'comeback' album ...Meanwhile (1992). Although Godley and Creme were only involved for a short time, Gouldman and Stewart kept 10cc going for a subsequent tour and another new album in 1995, which was the final album credited to 10cc. After that, Gouldman split with Stewart, but continued to tour sporadically with a 'touring' version of 10cc on and off over the ensuing years. Gouldman released solo albums in 2000 (And Another Thing) and 2012 (Love and Work). The concept for the 'Heart Full of Songs' acoustic shows grew out of the strong audience response from an acoustic section in the middle of the 10cc shows. So, in 2013, Gouldman, along with current 10cc bandmates Rick Fenn, Mick Wilson, and Mike Stevens, played a series of acoustic shows featuring songs from throughout all stages of Gouldman's career, from his earliest songwriting days through the 10cc years, to his more more recent solo work. The recording featured here was professionally recorded by Gouldman and his crew, but was never released commercially. It was sold for a short time at HFOS shows in 2014, but has not been available in any form for several years. I got this from the now-defunct Willard's Wormholes site, and the only reason I have not posted it previously is that I was not sure if it could be considered an official release or not. However, the fact that it is not available through any commercial outlets or listed anywhere as an official release, including Gouldman's own website, I presume that this is OK to share. If not, I'm sure I will find out very quickly. The show itself is a delightful event, Gouldman's voice is still strong and clear, and the acoustic arrangements bring a light and refreshing sound to these many fine and familiar songs, and serves as a wonderful celebration and look back at Gouldman's career. Highly Recommended. Gouldman was inducted into the Songwriter's Hall of Fame in 2014, and this serves as a fine resume for his songwriting credentials. Gouldman has recently announced a new Heart Full of Songs tour in the UK this year (starting March 2020), as well as a new solo album, Modesty Forbids, to be released at the same time.    

01. Pamela, Pamela
02. Heart Full of Soul
03. Good Morning Judge
04. No Milk Today
05. Sunburn
06. Love's Not for Me (Rene's Song)
07. The Halls of Rock'n Roll
08. Look Through Any Window
09. Daylight
10. Bus Stop
11. Dancing Days
12. Building A Bridge To Your Heart
13. I'm Not in Love
14. Ariella
15. Ready To Go Home
16. The Things We Do for Love
17. Memory Lane
18. For Your Love
19. Donna
20. Dreadlock Holiday

Graham Gouldman - vocals, guitar, bass
Rick Fenn - vocals, guitar
Mick Wilson - vocals, gutitar, percussion, ukelele
Mike Stevens - keyboards, accordian, sax, penny whistle

Graham Gouldman_Heart Full of Songs Live!_2013.rar

Saturday, January 18, 2020

David + David - 1986-12-17 - The Roxy, Hollywood, CA

David + David

The Roxy, Hollywood, CA
Pre-FM Recording, Excellent quality
Mp3 @ 320 kbps

Remember David + David, that dynamite rock duo (consisting of David Baerwald and David Ricketts) that burst on the music scene in 1986 with their powerful, dark, and dynamic debut single 'Welcome to the Boomtown'?  Well I certainly do, but was only just reminded of them when as I was transferring some old music files to a new hard drive and I came across this excellent show and recording from David + David in the midst of their debut tour. Of course, if you don't remember them it is probably because they came and went pretty quickly, as after their tour in support of their only album, Boomtown (1986), they quickly broke up and went their separate ways. They only had that one 'hit' single, which only just broke the top 40 on the charts. But as it is with most so-called 'One-Hit Wonders', there is alot more to their story than that one hit single. Although receiving considerable air-play on FM radio, their potential follow-up singles, 'Swallowed by the Cracks' and 'Ain't it Easy', which also were fine songs, never broke through onto the charts, and that was it for the 'band'. Talented multi-instrumentalists and songwriters, David and David had played all the instruments on their album, but never followed with another album. They played as session musicians, and David Baerwald ventured into a solo career, with a couple fine solo albums in the subsequent years,  Bedtime Stories (1990) and Triage (1992), which were critically-acclaimed, but sales-challenged. David Ricketts worked on albums with Toni Childs and Robbie Robertson in the late '80's to early '90's. Later in 1992, David Baerwald, with his producer friend Bill Bottrell founded the 'Tuesday Music Club' which was a loose assemblage of musicians and songwriters that would get together and play (and also sometimes included David Ricketts). Out of that group, and working with an aspiring young female singer-songwriter, developed into Sheryl Crow's debut album, Tuesday Night Music Club, with Baerwald and others from that assemblage sharing songwriting credits on most of the songs. However, with the sensational success of Crow and that album, disputes and disagreements within the group (regarding songwriting and who deserved credit for the sound and style of the album) lead to that association falling apart as well (although Sheryl continued to blossom). Baerwald continued on more as a songwriter than performer, with his songs being recorded and performed by a wide variety of artists, ranging from Waylon Jennings, Fishbone, Susanna Hoffs, Leann Rimes, Holly Cole to Nicole Kidman and Luciano Pavarotti. Baerwald has also worked extensively as a songwriter and score composer for various film and television projects.
But this fine show takes us back to their glory days as David+David, which was a great '80's band, if only for a short time.

01. A Rock For The Forgotten 04:56
02. Good Times 04:05
03. Band Chatter 00:27
04. Swimming In The Ocean 04:04
05. Being Alone Together 06:52
06. Swallowed By the Cracks 04:59
07. Heroes 03:14
08. All Alone In the Big City 04:55
09. My Eyes Are Open 03:39
10. Welcome To The Boomtown 05:47
11. Ain't So Easy 04:51
12. River's Gonna Rise 05:32
13. Crowd / Band Chatter 00:28
14. Ah, Baby 03:35
15. The Pusher 05:31

David Ricketts - keyboards, guitar, vocals;
David Baerwald - guitar, vocals;
Paulinho Da Costa - percussion;
Rick Stekol - guitar;
Jeff Martin - keyboards;
Greg Ellis - drums;
Stu Hamm - bass;
Toni Childs - backing vocals;
Amy Knowell - backing vocals


Sunday, January 12, 2020

Happy New Year?

Another year over and a new one just begun

So here we are at the start of another year, with the making of more new year's resolutions and heartfelt hopes and wishes that this year will be better than the last. But, of course, we all know that making things better does not result from turnig the calendar page over to the next year or by wishing it so. No, to make things better in our own lives and the world around us we each have to work to make that happen. And that can (and should) happen at any time of the year, it just takes an effort and wanting to improve. And still, there is so much that we wish were better that is completely beyond our own control. But we have to do what we can. So, there's nothing special about January that should take on all the burden of making things get better. But I do understand where this all comes from and I do feel it too. Although of no practical significance, the start of a new year does make a convenient indicator of the end of one thing and the beginning of another, and endings and new beginnings are always something of great emotional importance. And so it is only natural to hope for the best in those new beginnings even if nothing has really changed. There is that internal yearning for something better. It's like in Paul Simon's great and vastly underappreciated song 'Train in the Distance' in which the chorus goes 'Everybody loves the sound of a train in the distance, everybody thinks it's true' and the final verse sums things up 'So what is the point of this story, what information pertains? The thought that life could be better is woven indelibly into our hearts and our brains.' And so it goes out from me to you as well, hopes and wishes that this year will be a great one, and let's all do whatever we can to at least make it a bit better, ok? Happy New Year to all.

I'll keep providing some worthwhile tunes, if only somewhat sporadically, when I can, and I hope you'll keep on coming by to check things out, and hopefully there'll be something here to make your life just a little bit better, at least for awhile with some fine music. Thank you to all that make this blog possible and Happy New Year to all.

Monday, January 6, 2020

Neil Innes & Friends - 2004-04-21 - Chicago, IL

Neil Innes & Friends
Live at Martyr’s, Chicago, IL

Soundboard recording, very good quality
Mp3 @ 320 kbps
NEIL INNES R.I.P. (1944 - 2019)

English writer, comedian, and musician Neil Innes died of a heart attack last week (December 29, 2019). He was 75. Although Neil may not have been a big name in rock music, in the world of comedy music he was legendary. He was a founding member-performer (and chief songwriter) for the Bonzo Dog Doodah Band in the late 60's-early 70's, and went on to record multiple solo comedy music albums. He was a collaborator with the Monty Python troupe in the 70's, writing numerous songs for their shows and movies (For example, he wrote the songs and played multiple parts, such as Sir Robin's minstrel, for Monty Python & The Holy Grail). He then teamed with Pythoner Eric Idle for the sketch show Rutland Weekend Televsion (1975-76). A Beatles parody bit that started on that show (The Rutles) was expanded into an appearance on Saturday Night Live, and then a full-length Television special (All You Need is Cash, 1978) and album, and worldwide fame (?). Neil played and performed in The Rutles as Ron Nasty (the John Lennon-type Rutle), and wrote all of the parody songs. The Rutles lived on long after the initial show and album, however, being revived in 1996 with a new album (Archaeology, a play on the Beatles Anthology), tours, and more. I have previously posted various collections of Rutles bootlegs here. Today, I have a show of Neil performing both solo and with a full band from about 15 years ago, and which features songs from throughout his career, of which more than half of those played are Rutles songs. Overall, it serves as a fine tribute to Neil, his humor, and his music.

Neil Innes & Ken Thornton (tr. 11-14)
101. intro 1:04
102. How Sweet To Be An Idiot 3:13
103. I’m the Urban Spaceman 0:45
104. Comedy - Pathos - Short Blues 1:44
105. Love is Getting Deeper 4:00
106. intro 1:50
107. Evening Sun 4:01
108. Godfrey Daniel 3:02
109. Protest Song 4:01
110. Introducing Rutling Ken 1:18
111. Friends at the End 5:08
112. You’re Never Alone 5:05
113. intro 0:47
114. Ego Warriors 5:12

Neil Innes & Friends (full band set)
201. Introduction 0:56
202. One of Those People 4:27
203. Equestrian Statue 3:10
204. Randy Racquel 3:02
205. Eine Kleine Middle Klasse Musik 4:43
206. With a Girl Like You 2:03
207. Hey Mister 3:48
208. Doubleback Alley 2:59
209. Good Times Roll 2:04
210. Another Day 0:54
211. Cheese and Onions 2:25
212. Introduction 0:44
213. I Want to Be With You 2:22
214. Bruce’s Philosopher’s Song 1:44
215. Feel No Shame 6:11
216. Ballad of Sir Robin 1:15
217. Goose-Step Mama 2:35
218. I Must Be In Love 2:30
219. Introduction 1:03
220. Ouch! 2:09
221. Questionnaire 3:19
222. Piggy in the Middle 4:02
223. Joe Public 4:39
224. Get Up and Go 4:11
225. Introduction 0:52
226. I’m the Urban Spaceman 3:14

Neil Innes - electro-acoustic guitar, keyboard, vocals
Ken Thornton - electric guitar, guitar-synth, backing vocals
Ken Simpson - acoustic guitar, backing vocals
“Pink Bob” Harper - keyboards, claves, ukelele, underwater trumpet
Clay Thompson - bass guitar, backing vocals
John Ganser - drums
Tom Sparrow - percussion

Neil Innes & Friends_2004-04-21_Chicago_mp3.rar