Friday, February 5, 2016

Ry Cooder and David Lindley - 1995-07-06 - Vienna, Austria

Ry Cooder and David Lindley
with Joachim Cooder and Roseanne Lindley
The Family Tour

State Opera House, Vienna Austria
Soundboard recording, excellent quality (remastered by Bruno)
Mp3 @ 224 kbps

By request, here's one I pulled from my archives and didn't really quite know what I had. But after pulling this out, I found it to be a gem of a show. Here's Cooder and Lindley (and a couple of their kids, too, which is why it was called The Family Tour) doing what they do best in a great show and an excellent, clear recording (Unfortunately, I only have this in a lower bitrate mp3), that sounds wonderful. So, thanks to Ryan for getting me to dig this one out and listen to it, and so here it is for all to enjoy. Cooder and Lindley shine and play in ways (virtuosity, interesting and unique styles and arrangements) quite unlike anyone else.  
Disc One (69:25)
 1. Intro
 2. The Promised Land
 3. Jesus On The Mainline
 4. Mercury Blues
 5. Afanderfendrou (Madagascar trad.)
 6. Shebegsshemor
 7. Paris Texas >
 8. Vigilante Man
 9. All Shook Up
10. The Girls From Texas
11. How Can A Poor Man Stand Such Times And Live
12. Leave Home

Disc Two (69:57)
 1. The Highway Is My Home
 2. Chauffeur Blues
 3. Ain't No Way, Baby
 4. Feel Like Breaking Up Somebody's Home
 5. Little Sister
 6. Play It All Night Long
 7. If Walls Could Talk
 8. Hold That Snake Till I Make It
 9. Talk To The Lawyer
10. Good Night Irene
11. The Very Things That Make You Rich (Makes Me Poor)
12. Do You Want My Job?

Disc1: Ry Cooder-David Lindley_1995-07-06_Vienna.disc1.rar

Disc 2: Ry Cooder-David Lindley_1995-07-06_Vienna.disc2.rar


Andy Swapp said...

Wow, thanks for this! Breathtaking quality and great fun!

ryancarey said...

Thanks again for digging this one out. I've listened many times already :)

g said...

I heard this years ago - - it's a keeper. Cooder is brilliant. He's incredibly talented and is able to almost be chameleon-like in adapting to different genres of music.

land of hope and dreams said...

not possible to have version FLAC

land of hope and dreams said...


Unknown said...

this is an official release