Thursday, November 25, 2021

Favorite Steely Dan Songs - Addendum to Steely Dan Album Ranking List

Favorite Counting Crows Songs

As a follow-up to my recent ranking of the studio albums from Steely Dan, here is a list of my current top 25 favorite Steely Dan songs. Overall, this is more difficult than ranking the albums, as there are so many good to great songs to consider and come up with an absolute favorites list. In addition, favorite songs tend to change more readily with time and circumstances, thus this list represents what I am thinking today, and would probably change if reconsidered next week, month, or year (although the very top are pretty solid and probably won't change much). Anyway, here is a list of my current top 25 favorite Steely Dan songs (with album indicated in parentheses-see key below). As with my album rankings, the songs list also is weighted more towards the earlier albums (as they are my favorites) and no songs from the later albums (post-Aja) made the top 25 (but still contain many very good songs). Although in previous lists, I have also included my 5 least favorite songs - ones that I really don't like, I couldn't do that with Steely Dan, as I couldn't really come up with any Steely Dan songs that I just don't like at all (the worst that can be said is that there are some that are a bit dull, but still usually enjoyable). Anyway, here are my favorites, which is just the tip of the iceberg, as their catalog is filled with great songs.
25. Reelin' in the Years (CBaT)
24. Rose Darling (KL)
23. Sign in Stranger (TRS)
22. Deacon Blues (A)
21. Do It Again (CBaT)
20. Home at Last (A)
19. Pearl of the Quarter (CtE)
18. Change of the Guard (CBaT)
17. With a Gun (PL)
16. Rikki Don't Lose That Number (PL)
15. FM (NA)
14. Aja (A)
13. The Caves of Altamira (TRS)
12. Razor Boy (CtE)
11. Night By Night (PL)
10. Your Gold Teeth (CtE)
9. Don't Take Me Alive (TRS)
8. Chain Lightning (KL)
7. Kid Charlemagne (RS)
6. Only A Fool Would Say That (CBaT)
5. Parker's Band (PL)
4. King of the World (CtE)
3. Any Major Dude (PL)
2. My Old School (CtE)
1. Bodhisattva (CtE)

(A) - Aja (1977)
(TRS) - The Royal Scam (1976)
(KL) - Katy Lied (1975)
(PL) - Pretzel Logic (1974)
(CtE) - Countdown to Ecsasy (1973)
(CBaT) - Can't Buy a Thrill (1972)
(NA) - Non-Album Track

So, what are your favorite (or not favorite) Steely Dan songs?


Rob said...

where's pretzel logic? Should be on the list

Polypheme said...

And "Hey Nineteen"?! ;-)

One Buck Guy said...

Steely Dan Faves

Any Major Dude Will Tell You
Reelin' In The Years
Sail The Waterways
My Old School
Dirty Work

Derek said...

Babylon sisters is my favourite...

All the best,