Friday, July 5, 2019

The Connells - 1995-03-20 - Alabamahalle, Munich, Germany

The Connells
Alabamahalle, Munich, Germany

FM Broadcast recording (WDR), excellent quality
MP3 @ 320 kbps

Following up on the previous The Connells post, here is a show from 1995, after the release and European success of Ring and their breakout hit there, '74-75', as they toured through Europe. This is a short but very sweet broadcast radio show (from Germany's WDR) in excellent quality. Although short (43 min), it contains several additional songs from Ring ('Running Mary',  'Disappointed', 'Burden', 'New Boy', and '74-75') that were not in the previously featured show, as well as a full performance of 'Choose A Side' (in the previous show song was cut due to tape flip). So, great stuff here, and the boys were enjoying their newfound (but unfortunately short-lived) rock star success in Europe. Alas, they never found the same level of success in the U.S. Very underrated band.

01 Try
02 Running Mary
03 Doin' You
04 Disappointed
05 Burden
06 New Boy
07 Choose A Side
08 74-75
09 Something to Say
10 Motel

Mike Connell - guitar, vocals
David Connell - bass
Doug MacMillan - vocals, tambourine
George Huntley - guitar, vocals
Peele Wimberley - drums
Steve Potak - keyboards


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