Friday, November 20, 2015

Del Amitri - 1995-04-30 - Silm's, San Francisco, CA

Del Amitri
Slim's, San Francisco, CA

FM Broadcast recording (KFOG-FM), very good quality
Mp3 @320 kbps

Here's one more show from the underrated power pop band Del Amitri. This one, a great full-length radio broadcast show (plus some bonus tracks) from around the height of their popularity, on the tour promoting their 4th album, Twisted (1995), which featured some of the band's best-known songs. Thus, this show features most of the songs from Twisted, as well as many songs from earlier albums, for a wonderful show. The bonus tracks add a few different songs from other shows from around that same time period, also with very good sound quality.

1. Intro - Food For Songs
2. Just Like A Man
3. When I Want You
4. Start With Me
5. One Thing Left To Do
6. To Last A Lifetime
7. Hatful Of Rain
8. Roll To Me
9. Crashing Down
10. Come Together
11. Move Away Jimmy Blue
12. The Ones That You Love Lead You Nowhere
13. Always The Last To Know
14. Being Somebody Else
15. Improv
16. Driving With The Brakes On
17. Medicine
18. Here And Now
19. Ace Of Spades
20. Be My Downfall (with bits of Like a Virgin and Kiss This Thing Goodbye)
Bonus live tracks:
21. Tell Her This (1996-07-07 - Cleveland, FM)
22. It Might As Well Be You (1995-08-06 - Sigma Sound Studios, Philadelphia, PA, FM)
23. Scared To Live (1995-08-06 - Philadelphia)

Del Amitri_1995-04-30_San Francisco.part1.rar
Del Amitri_1995-04-30_San Francisco.part2.rar


Olli said...

thank you for another great one from Del Amitri. I already had this one, but without the bonus tracks that look very interesting.

william edwards said...

love your blog, do you have any neko case boots, there are a few posts on guitars101 with dead links if you dont have any , could you get any or tell me where to go to find some thanks

jim said...

Do you know how to get invited to infinitefool.blogspot? I used to go there, but, my computer crashed , & I have never been able to go back. Thanks.jimg

BBKron said...

Sorry, but don't have any Neko Case, and just not familiar with her music, so can't help you there.

Also sorry, but I do not have an invite or know how to contact infinite fool since he went private. I used to visit the site often (and downloaded many things from there), but had not visited there in quite awhile, and did not know about his change to a private blog, so I was not part of the group that got invited. Sorry, too bad, because he had lots of cool stuff.

jim said...

BBKron Thanks, for answering. jimg