Thursday, April 30, 2015

Brian Doherty - Treat and Release

Free album download from Rock drummer Brian Doherty (from his website)

I got an email from rock drummer Brian Doherty recently. Brian has been a part of great bands such as  They Might Be Giants, The Silos, and XTC, as well as also having played with the likes of Ben Folds, Marshall Crenshaw, and Mike Viola. Blog readers should also remember that Brian was responsible for making the excellent live Silos compilation, Flipping the Bird, available to everyone. Well, Brian just wanted to let me (and you readers) know that his first original solo rock album is now available for download through his website. The album is called Treat + Release, with a basic rock trio set-up of Brian on drums and vocals, John Yates on bass, and Ted Novak on guitar, and also featuring various guest musicians on individual tracks, including Marshall Crenshaw on guitar for a couple tracks, and Mike Viola on assorted instruments and vocals (and sharing producing credit) on another track. Although the album has been available through iTunes and Amazon for some time now, for a limited time, Brian is offering the album as a free download through his website.  I listened to the album right before posting this, and it's pretty good, with interesting songs and a nice pop-rock sound and style. Certainly worth checking out. So, thanks to Brian for making this available and for letting us in on this share. While you're getting the download from Brian's website, be sure to check out the rest of his site, as he also has some drum tracks available in addition to his previous interesting blog posts about his experiences as a professional musician.  Anyway, here is the link to Brian's site to download the album


Rob said...

Could not get the free dl to open?

BBKron said...


Thanks. There does seem to be a problem with the download file. I wrote to Brian to let him know, so he can fix it. I was able to open the file by using the Repair Archive function in Winrar, which fixed the problem and allowed extraction. However, I only got 8 mp3 files (which played fine), but I believe there should be 9 songs. Hopefully Brian will fix the problem, and you can try again.

BBKron said...


Brian has now updated the site with a new download link that has fixed the problem with opening the downloaded files. Thanks. So, if had a problem before, try the new link.