Friday, March 27, 2015

Leo Kottke - 1993-04-02 - Bottom Line - New York, NY

Leo Kottke
The Bottom Line, New York, NY

Digital Soundboard recording (Jerry Moore's dat clone), excellent quality
Available in both lossless (FLAC) and mp3 (@320 kbps) versions

More Leo! A bit later. This was several years after his return following his near career-ending bout with tendonitis and nerve damage in his hand. As part of his therapy and adjustment for the tendonitis, he changed his picking style to a more classical, less aggressive approach, and changed his hand positioning to reduce stress on his tendons. He also began to delve more into jazz and classical style compositions and playing styles. Thus, beginning with his return to recording in 1986 (A Shout Toward Noon), he moved to the new age-oriented label Private Music, and his albums showed a kinder, gentler, more jazzy styling, but still just as impressive, and probably even more beautiful sounding. Subsequent releases included Regards From Chuck Pink (1988), My Father's Place (1989), That's What (1990), and Great Big Boy (1991). At the time of this show in 1993, he was preparing songs for his next album, which would be Peculiaroso (1994).  So, here is Leo in those middle years, with a sweeter sound, but still showing some of the finest acoustic picking and slide work you will ever hear, as well as a plethora of great songs and his quirky personality and stories. Plus, a stellar digital soundboard recording and bonus tracks from the 2nd (late) set to boot. 

Tracklist (early show):
01 - William Powell
02 - Porky And Pale
03 - Rings
04 - Oddball
05 - Airproofing - Conductor story - Griddle Slide
06 - Everybody Lies
07 - Living In The Country
08 - Jesus Maria
09 - The Driver
10 - Twilight Time
11 - Peg Leg ('Filbert') - Heimlich Story
12 - Louise
13 - Medley - Available Space/June Bug/Train and The Gate/Vaseline Machine Gun/Jack Fig
14 - Lying in the Arms of Mary

Bonus tracks (from late show)
15 - Eggtooth
16 - (Unidentified Instrumental)
17 -  Eight Miles High
18 - Last Steam Engine Train
19 - (Unidentified Instrumental)
20 - Little Martha
21 - Room At The Top Of The Stairs - Minnesota Story
22 - Griddle Slide
23 - Jack Gets Up - History Book Story
24 - Closing Instrumental

Note: Several late show songs that were repeated from the early show were excluded here.

Mp3 - Leo Kottke_1993-04-02_Bottomline_mp3.part1.rar
Leo Kottke_1993-04-02_Bottomline_mp3.part2.rar

FLAC - Leo Kottke_1993-04-02_Bottomline_FLAC.part1.rar
Leo Kottke_1993-04-02_Bottomline_FLAC.part2.rar


Polperro said...

Thanks for this wonderful Kottke gig. It's all very good, but the run from track 16 to 21 is astonishing, including Ojo, which is my favourite Kottke tune, Echoing Gilewitz, which doesn't get played very often and a beautiful slow version of Room At The Top Of The Stairs.
The late show set-list is:

Bonus tracks (from late show)
15 - Eggtooth
16 - Ojo
17 - Eight Miles High
18 - Arms Of Mary-Last Steam Engine Train-Easter
19 - Echoing Gilewitz
20 - Little Martha
21 - Room At The Top Of The Stairs - Minnesota Story
22 - Griddle Slide
23 - Jack Gets Up - History Book Story
24 - Closing Instrumental (Mona Ray, I think)

Thanks again.

Rstone5 said...

Over the limit, so will come back later. Again I must say my thanks for your generosity in sharing these diverse and wonderful files in such great quality. I hope to see you all soon.


Unknown said...

You made my day. These Leo shows are awesome.