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Neil Innes & Friends - 2004-04-21 - Chicago, IL

Neil Innes & Friends
Live at Martyr’s, Chicago, IL

Soundboard recording, very good quality
Mp3 @ 320 kbps
NEIL INNES R.I.P. (1944 - 2019)

English writer, comedian, and musician Neil Innes died of a heart attack last week (December 29, 2019). He was 75. Although Neil may not have been a big name in rock music, in the world of comedy music he was legendary. He was a founding member-performer (and chief songwriter) for the Bonzo Dog Doodah Band in the late 60's-early 70's, and went on to record multiple solo comedy music albums. He was a collaborator with the Monty Python troupe in the 70's, writing numerous songs for their shows and movies (For example, he wrote the songs and played multiple parts, such as Sir Robin's minstrel, for Monty Python & The Holy Grail). He then teamed with Pythoner Eric Idle for the sketch show Rutland Weekend Televsion (1975-76). A Beatles parody bit that started on that show (The Rutles) was expanded into an appearance on Saturday Night Live, and then a full-length Television special (All You Need is Cash, 1978) and album, and worldwide fame (?). Neil played and performed in The Rutles as Ron Nasty (the John Lennon-type Rutle), and wrote all of the parody songs. The Rutles lived on long after the initial show and album, however, being revived in 1996 with a new album (Archaeology, a play on the Beatles Anthology), tours, and more. I have previously posted various collections of Rutles bootlegs here. Today, I have a show of Neil performing both solo and with a full band from about 15 years ago, and which features songs from throughout his career, of which more than half of those played are Rutles songs. Overall, it serves as a fine tribute to Neil, his humor, and his music.

Neil Innes & Ken Thornton (tr. 11-14)
101. intro 1:04
102. How Sweet To Be An Idiot 3:13
103. I’m the Urban Spaceman 0:45
104. Comedy - Pathos - Short Blues 1:44
105. Love is Getting Deeper 4:00
106. intro 1:50
107. Evening Sun 4:01
108. Godfrey Daniel 3:02
109. Protest Song 4:01
110. Introducing Rutling Ken 1:18
111. Friends at the End 5:08
112. You’re Never Alone 5:05
113. intro 0:47
114. Ego Warriors 5:12

Neil Innes & Friends (full band set)
201. Introduction 0:56
202. One of Those People 4:27
203. Equestrian Statue 3:10
204. Randy Racquel 3:02
205. Eine Kleine Middle Klasse Musik 4:43
206. With a Girl Like You 2:03
207. Hey Mister 3:48
208. Doubleback Alley 2:59
209. Good Times Roll 2:04
210. Another Day 0:54
211. Cheese and Onions 2:25
212. Introduction 0:44
213. I Want to Be With You 2:22
214. Bruce’s Philosopher’s Song 1:44
215. Feel No Shame 6:11
216. Ballad of Sir Robin 1:15
217. Goose-Step Mama 2:35
218. I Must Be In Love 2:30
219. Introduction 1:03
220. Ouch! 2:09
221. Questionnaire 3:19
222. Piggy in the Middle 4:02
223. Joe Public 4:39
224. Get Up and Go 4:11
225. Introduction 0:52
226. I’m the Urban Spaceman 3:14

Neil Innes - electro-acoustic guitar, keyboard, vocals
Ken Thornton - electric guitar, guitar-synth, backing vocals
Ken Simpson - acoustic guitar, backing vocals
“Pink Bob” Harper - keyboards, claves, ukelele, underwater trumpet
Clay Thompson - bass guitar, backing vocals
John Ganser - drums
Tom Sparrow - percussion

Neil Innes & Friends_2004-04-21_Chicago_mp3.rar

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bdada said...

Wow! in 1976, a guy working in a record store said I should check out the Bonzo Dog Band. I have been a fan ever since- this will be a treat!