Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Joe Jackson - 1986-10-21 - Tokyo, Japan

Joe Jackson
Nakano Sun Plaza
Tokyo, Japan
Soundboard, Ex. Quality
mp3 @ 320 kbps
Artwork Included

While we're still highlighting piano-based rock, I wanted to post another Joe Jackson show, this one from the Big World Tour, which was a great album and tour. Jackson has made several great albums, but I consider Big World to be his real masterpiece, his most ambitious and accomplished album, and a rewarding listening experience. Just a great (and great sounding) album from start to finish. Unfortunately, it has not gotten the attention it deserves. I consider Big World to be one of the very best albums of the '80's. This quality recording from Tokyo captures the spirit and excellence of the show quite well, and is highly recommended, particularly for those that may not be as familiar with the Big World songs as with Joe's other 'hits'. This is the complete show. 

01 One More Time
02 Wild West
03 Right And Wrong
04 You Can't Get What You Want
05 (It's A) Big World
06 Home Town
07 On Your Radio
08 Shanghai Sky
09 Fifty Dollar Love Affair
10 Cancer - Be My Number Two - Breaking Us In Two
11 Steppin' Out
12 Survival
13 Soul Kiss
14 It's Different For Girls
15 The Jet Set
16 Sunday Papers (Monday Papers)
17 Tonight And Forever
18 Jumpin Jive Medley: Jack You're Dead - What's The Use Of Getting Sober - Jumpin Jive
19 I'm The Man
20 Man In The Street

Joe Jackson: Vocals, Keyboards
Tom Teeley: Guitar, Vocals
Rick Ford: Bass, Vocals
Gary Burke: Drums

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Anonymous said...

link deleted,please re upload link.

BBKron said...

New updated link added

infinite fool said...

I've had this boot for a few years, and I listen to it regularly.

It's one of your least downloaded shows? That's a shame, because this is seriously good stuff. It probably won't help much, but this is me vouching for the quality of this one.

Camarillo Brillo said...

Excellent indeed! Thanks so much for sharing!

L.N.R. said...

Truly fantastic. Thank you so much

terribletee56 said...

I got to see this show in Chicago. It is so nice to catch a first-class recording of the concert. Thanks so much for sharing.