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Peter Gabriel - 2014-11-28 - LG Arena, Birmingham, UK - So Back to Front Tour

Peter Gabriel
LG Arena
Birmingham, UK
Audience recording (Funbags 039), very good quality
Available in both Lossless (FLAC) and Mp3 (320kbps) versions

Staying with the remarkable Peter Gabriel, and now moving up to the 2010's, here is a show from the Back to Front Tour, which included a live version of the complete So (1986) album, in addition to a great selection of songs from throughout his catalog. Another wonderful show from these later years. This show marks the conclusion of my look back at Peter Gabriel's live shows through the decades, as I have now featured a show from each of the six (SIX!) decades (1970's to 2020's) that Peter has been performing live, and which culminated with his sensational 2023 i/o tour last year (show featured here). And he has been remarkable throughout all these decades. Don't know if that 2023 tour will mark the end of his touring days or not, but regardless, it was a monumental tour and year for Gabriel, ending with the release of the full i/o/album, which is one of his very best, and for me, the best album of 2023. And despite Gabriel being much older now than those early days back in the 70's, he still gives a great show and is making great music all these years later.  Check out this 2014 show, as well as all the previous ones featured, if you haven't already.

01 What Lies Ahead 07:36
02 Come Talk To Me 05:30
03 Shock The Monkey 05:03
04 Family Snapshot 04:45
05 Digging In The Dirt 06:18
06 Secret World 08:30
07 The Family And The Fishing Net 07:37
08 No Self Control 05:44
09 Solsbury Hill 09:42
10 Red Rain 05:54
11 Sledgehammer 06:26
12 Don't Give Up 08:16
13 That Voice Again 04:31
14 Mercy Street 06:50
15 Big Time 04:58
16 We Do What We're Told (Milgram's 37) 04:27
17 This Is The Picture 04:19
18 In Your Eyes 13:37
19 The Tower That Ate People 05:14
20 Biko 09:27

Total Running Time : 2:14:44

FLAC - Peter_Gabriel_2014-11-28_Birmingham_FLAC.rar


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