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Steve Goodman - 1977-01-15 - University of Chicago, Chicago, IL (FM)

Steve Goodman
January 15, 1977
Mandel Hall, University of Chicago, Chicago, IL

FM Broadcast recording, very good quality
Available in both Lossless (FLAC) and mp3 (320 kbps) versions

I've acquired a couple more Steve Goodman shows over the last several months. In keeping with my quest to spread the word and get more recognition for this wonderful singer-songwriter-performer (see previous posts) and in serving as an unofficial repository for all known live Goodman shows and recordings, I present another radio broadcast show from 1977, this one from the University of Chicago. As always, this show contains many wonderful moments from Steve. Although most of the songs played have been featured here in other recordings from this era, there are some new additions: For example, Steve's medley of motown-R&B songs that he does in his own way, and The Roving Cowboy song. It's another fine recording of a wonderful hour-long glimpse into the artistry of Steve Goodman.
01. Radio Intro
02. It's a Sin to Tell a Lie (Billy Mayhew)
03. Chicken Cordon Bleus
04. Paul Powell
05. Banana Republics (S. Goodman / Steve Burgh / Jim Rothermel)
06. Rhythm & Blues Medley:
    La La La I Love You (W. Hart / T. Bell)
    Get Ready (Smokey Robinson)
    My Girl (Smokey Robinson)
    Can’t Go Back
07. Yellow Coat
08. You Never Even Call Me By My Name (S. Goodman-John Prine)
09. This Hotel Room
10. The Dutchman (Michael Smith)
11. The Ballad of Penny Evans
12. Roving Cowboy (Ballad of Dan Moody) * (Michael Smith)
13. Radio Outro

All songs by Steve Goodman unless otherwise credited.
* Harmony Vocal: Jim Post

FLAC - Steve Goodman_1977-01-15_Chicago_FLAC.rar

Mp3 - Steve Goodman_1977-01-15_Chicago_mp3.rar


Sandy said...

Frito Bandito

Love Steve, gone way too soon!

copacetic47 said...

Thanks very much.

Stinky LePew said...

Thanks for the Steve Goodman! He's growing on me!