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The Smithereens - 2007 - World Cafe Live (2 radio shows), Philadelphia, PA

The Smithereens
2007-03-16 and 2007-12-21
World Cafe Live (2 radio shows)
Philadelphia, PA

FM Broadcast (webcast) Recordings (WXPN-NPR), very good quality
mp3 @320 kbps

Here's more from The Smithereens, from several years later (2007), two separate shows done at World Cafe in Philadelphia for WXPN and NPR radio, one in Spring (March 16), featuring songs from their Beatles cover album, Meet the Smithereens, and one in December (12-21), featuring songs from their Christmas album, Christmas with the Smithereens, as well as some older favorites at each show. I also threw in a couple bonus tracks from another 2007 show I had (07-22, Camden, NJ) to round out the show (and ends with the Who's 'Behind Blue Eyes', which foreshadows what their next cover project would be, The Smithereens Play Tommy, in 2009.  Some great stuff here, and even some holiday songs for the Christmas season.

01 Only A Memory.mp3
02 House We Used To Live In.mp3
03 Band Intros.mp3
04 Behind The Wall Of Sleep.mp3
05 Yesterday Girl.mp3
06 Interview.mp3
07 Don't Bother Me.mp3
08 I Wanna Be Your Man.mp3
09 Hold Me Tight.mp3
10 I Wanna Hold Your Hand.mp3
11 Waking Up On Christmas Morning.mp3
12 Santa Bring My Baby Back (To Me).mp3
13 Run Rudolph Run.mp3
14 Only A Memory.mp3
15 Interview.mp3
16 Top Of The Pops.mp3
17 Time And Time Again.mp3
18 Behind The Wall Of Sleep.mp3
19 Blood And Roses.mp3
Bonus tracks (2007-07-22 - Camden NJ)
20 A Girl Like You (with oldies medley)
21 Behind Blue Eyes

Tracks 01-10, World Cafe Live 2007-03-16
Tracks 10-19, World Cafe Live, 2007-12-22
Tracks 20-21, Camden, NJ, 2007-07-22

The Smithereens_2007_World Cafe radio shows.rar
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