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The Jayhawks - 2011-09-13 - Fitzgerald Theater, St. Paul, MN

The Jayhawks

September 13th, 2011
Fitzgerald Theater, 
Saint Paul, MN

FM Broadcast Recording, very good quality
Mp3 @ 320 kbps

Here's more from The Jayhawks, this one from a bit more recent incarnation. As previously mentioned, after touring in 2003-2004, the band went on hiatus, with members each going their own way. during that time, around 2005-2006, Gary Louris re-teamed with former Jayhawk Mark Olson, as a duet, and toured, and eventually released an acoustic album together,  Ready for the Flood, in 2009. Also around this time the acclaimed 1995 version of the Jayhawks lineup reunited for some festival appearances, and announced that they had reunited as a band in 2009. this lead to touring in 2010, and releasing a new album, Mockingbird Time, and touring, in 2011. We have here a show from that Mockingbird Time tour, a fine quality radio broadcast, that consists of a rather short set that is unfortunately interrupted by some rather lame interview segments for the radio audience (fortunately these are separated in the tracks, so you can skip them or remove them if desired). The first half of the set is all new songs from mockingbird time, with the second half being older Jayhawks songs. Attention: For a longer set from this Jayhawks reunion period (and featuring many more older songs), there is a fine quality show also available as a free download (or stream) through the band's website (although only available @160 kbps). See below for link.

1. Intro's
2. She Walks In So Many Ways
3. Closer to Your Side
4. Hide Your Colors
5. interview / bio /etc
6. Tiny Arrows
7. stage banter
8. High Water Blues
9, Guilder Annie
10. Interview
11. I'd Run Away
12. Anne Jane
13. Tampa to Tulsa
14. Red's Song
15. Blue
16. Outro's

The Jayhawks_2011-09-13_St.Paul.rar

More Jayhawks show downloads available from the band's official website!

The reunited Jayhawks return to one of their old favorite local venues, First Avenue, Minneapolis, MN (06/10/2010): (soundboard, 160 kbps)

Also available, 2 other classic earlier Jayhawks shows (from 1985 and  1990) here:


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