Sunday, July 7, 2013

John Prine - BBC shows (1971 and 1973)

John Prine
BBC shows (1971 and 1973)

TV and FM Broadcast recordings, very good quality
Available in both Lossless (FLAC) and mp3 (320 kbps) versions

Ok, just one more dose of John Prine, this one combining a couple of short BBC performances in the early 1970's (1971 and 1973). So, here we have John in his younger days and more exuberant voice once again. Although there are 4 classic songs that are repeated in the 2 short sets, these performances nonetheless also provide a few songs from this period (Pretty Good, Rocky Mtn, and Everybody Needs Somebody) that have not been featured in any of the shows previously posted. So, here is a few more from the Great John Prine. It's also interesting to note that throughout the 40-plus years John has been performing, he has kept Spanish Pipedream as his opening song (or if not opening, then as closing song) throughout most of his concert performances throughout his career (Quite unusual to open with the same song year after year).

1971 - BBC2 In Concert TV Broadcast
01 Spanish Pipedream
02 Donald and Lydia
03 Sam Stone
04 Paradise
05 The Great Compromise
06 Everybody Needs Somebody

1973 - BBC studios, London (FM)
01 Spanish Pipedream
02 Illegal Smile
03 Donald and Lydia
04 Sam Stone
05 Pretty Good
06 Rocky Mountain
07 Hello In There
08 Everybody Needs Somebody

mp3 - JP_earlyBBC.rar

FLAC - JP_earlyBBCshows_FLAC.rar


Glenn said...

Love this John Prine and really appreciate the upgrade to 320 & FLAC. My favorites are the material with Jethro Burns. Don't stop now...

Thanks Again,


Bryan Ashby said...

I just uploaded the 1973 concert from my original cassete recording. I then decided to look for for a better quality recording on the web, and found yours. Thanks ! That show was my first exposure to John Prine, and it blew me away. The TV show is a nice bonus.

FurryBootsCityBoy said...

A belated Thank You for this.