Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Mediafire has locked and suspended my account, meaning that all the files uploaded to mediafire are gone and cannot be accessed or downloaded (which is over 90% of my posts). After all the effort over the past few months to re-upload everything to Mediafire to restore my posts from the previous Megaupload disaster, now Mediafire has shut me (and many others) out too. So, it has all been for naught, as they are all gone again (Hopefully at least some of you were able to download the shows of interest while they were available).

Not surprisingly, there was no notice, warning, or justification given. It was only stated that "Your MediaFire account is suspended due to multiple Terms of Service violation for any of the following reasons:" followed by a long list of any and all of the possible infractions. I had not previously received any notice or indication of any problems, complaints, or possible violations from them. When I responded to their support department asking for a review of my account, clarification of just what was the violation, what files or uploads were considered in violation, and for what reason, the only response I received was a re-stating of their blanket statement: "This account is permanently suspended due to a Terms of Service violation." and the matter was considered closed. 

Although this is once again very disturbing and unsettling, it was not surprising. Since the closure and prosecution of Megaupload, all the other filesharing services left have been very tentative, jumpy, and unreliable, with the threat of closing down at any time. So, the question is, where does this leave the blog? Obviously, at least for the time being, it leaves the blog essentially without downloadable content. Can this blog survive, or should it survive without that as it's core function or service? I don't know. But, I do know that, for now, I will not be shutting down the blog. It will continue in some capacity. However, I do not intend to re-upload all the past posts again (I have neither the time nor inclination to start over with that again). So, at least for the time being these previous posts will remain dead and the pages a download graveyard. Sorry about that. Perhaps, at some point in the future, some will be re-uploaded (if I can find a worthwhile, relaible filesharing service). In the meantime, the available Depositfile links are still good (primarily for large lossless files), and I will still ocasionally post some new stuff to Depositfiles. But, other that that, we'll just have to wait and see whether the blog can continue, and in what form. Thanks for your support (but please do not make requests for shows to be re-uploaded, it's just not going to happen at this time).



Jahel said...

i'm very sad for this situation.
try zippyshare for your next posts....

wardo said...

Ouch. Hang in there.

speedymjb said...

Sorry to hear that! I have been using medias fire lately but plan to stop. Good luck moving forward - maybe rapidshare as an alternative.

It's All Tunes To Me said...

Mediafire shut my account down with over 2000 cd's in it , so I just had to give up the cause and shut my blog down . mediafire is doing this to everyone .

La Piazza Gancio said...

In a world where Wall Street is allowed to ruin the U.S. economy without fear of consequence, isn't it ironic that file hosts with unprotected material are made so nervous and fearful?

I am sorry--this must border on heartbreaking.

Tennesseefred said...

What a bummer! Has to be frustrating. Thanks for all of your work and great posts!

john said...

Sorry for all your trouble. Isn't there a way for you guys to have your own server of some kind so you can be in control of the content?

rocdoc said...

i just stopped back to see what's new, and this?!
come on.

i saw mediafire was throwing new reqs than they'd had into their DL system...but whytf do they jump an individual posting shows?
they gotta throw the riaa a bone so they seem to be staying 'legal'?
it's such random bullshit...i've gotten great bits from here and i thank you bb!
tho i see the new poco sets taht are up - nice to see you're not throwing it in.
keep the faith brother!