Friday, December 4, 2009

BoDeans - 1988-04-20 - Boston

The Metro, Boston, MA
WBCN FM Radio Broadcast
Sound quality A-
mp3 @ 320

Here's another great Midwestern 'Roots Rock' band that never quite got the recognition and appreciation they deserved. Lead by Sam lllanas and Kurt Neumann, The BoDeans have endured through thick and thin as a hard-working rock band, and they are still performing today. Unfortunately, for a band that has toured extensively over the years, there are very few shows available. This is the best one I've come across, a high quality radio broadcast from 1988 that highlights songs from their first two albums. However, this comes a full year before what I consider by far their best album and touring period (Home, 1989, tours 1989-1993), thus, as good as this is, it doesn't include any of my most favorite BoDeans songs. If anyone has or knows of the existence of good quality shows from the 1989 or 1991 tours, I would love to get them. But, for now, this serves as a fine introduction to the BoDeans.

disc 1 [64:24]
01. intro / 69 Blues (You Ain't Around)
02. Only Love
03. Still the Night
04. Angels
05. The Strangest Kind
06. Fadeaway
07. Don't Be Lonely
08. Forever Young (The Wild Ones)
09. What It Feels Like
10. Dreams
11. That's All
12. Stella
13. Say You Will
14. Misery
15. She's a Runaway

disc 2 [38:00]
01. Say about Love
02. Good Work / band intro
03. The Ballad of Jennie Rae
04. Sylvia
05. Lookin' for me Somewhere
06. Can't Hardly Wait [Replacements]
07. I Wanna be Sedated [Ramones]
08. Land Of 1,000 Dances [Cannibal & The Headhunters]
09. I'm in Trouble Again / outro

Sam Llanas -- vocals & guitar
Kurt Neumann -- vocals & guitar
Bob Griffin -- bass
Susan Julian -- piano
??? -- drums

Tape flips between 11 and 12, and between 205 and 206.
Tracks 2-02 and 2-05 include 60 secs of announcer gab during encore breaks

New Links! (Updated 09/23/18)
disc 1: BoDeans-1988-04-20-Boston_D1.rar


Larry Murray said...

I was at this show! Great to hear it again after all these years. Thanks so much for posting it...

Let's Find H-Man A Wife said...

thanks. I don't see much from the Bodeans so this is a nice treat.

Unknown said...

Always loved The BoDeans, what a great band they were and STILL are to this very day... can you please re-upload the concert? it seems like the link on Zippyshare has expired or it's not working... :-/ thank you!! ;-)

BBKron said...


Agreed. BoDeans - Great band. Have updated the link for this one, as well as links for all the BoDeans posts here. Enjoy.