Friday, March 20, 2015

Leo Kottke - 1978-09-29 - Washington DC

Leo Kottke
Washington, D.C

Soundboard recording, very good quality
mp3 @ 256

Here's more from virtuoso guitarist Leo Kottke, a few years after the previously posted show. By this time, Kottke had released 2 albums for his new label Chrysalis, Leo Kottke (1976) and Burnt Lips (1978), and this show features several selections from those newer albums, in addition some of his older material, both with and without vocals, but far more guitar-playing than singing, which is as it should be. Kottke would record 3 more albums for Chrysalis (Balance-1978, Guitar Music-1981, and Time Step-1983). However, by this time (early eighties), his unusual, hard-driving finger-picking style of playing was taking its toll on his body, as he developed severe tendinitis and nerve damage in his hand, which almost ended his career. He took 3 years off from recording and performing, in which time he changed the way he played to reduce stress on his hand, and basically re-learned how to play the guitar in a way that would work with his affliction. So, in 1986, he came back, with a new album on the Private Music label, which featured more slow, somber, jazzy, and beautiful songs over the more high-speed workouts of earlier years. His guitar-playing was still sensational, despite the difficulties, but more about that later. For now, enjoy Leo during these last years of his pre-injury playing featuring his unique style and songs.

01. June Bug
02. Vaseline Machine Gun
03. Pamela Brown
04. Julie's House
05. Grim to the Brim
06. Last Steam Engine Train - Stealing
07. Range
08. Medley
09. Can't Quite Put it Into Words
10. Endless Sleep
11. Orange Room
12. The Fisherman
13. Bean Time
14. Airproofing
15. The Quiet Man
16. Louise
17. Don't Know Why
18. Driving of the Year Nail
19. I Called Back
20. Up Tempo
21. Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring
22. Standing in My Shoes - Busted Bicycle

Leo Kottke_1978-09-29_WashDC.rar

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