Friday, December 11, 2009

Blitzen Trapper - 2009-10-16 - Urbana, IL

Blitzen Trapper
Canopy Club, Urbana, IL
Soundboard/Audience Matrix,
very good sound quality
mp3 @ 256 kbps (vbr 224-320)
New Links! Now also available in FLAC

Now this is an example of how great it is to have the availability of the internet and all these great music blogs. I never would have heard about or been interested in a band like Blitzen Trapper if it weren't for the music blogs (particularly those that have song samples. I think I heard these guys first through Aquarium Drunkard). I have long ago stopped trying to keep up with the hippest 'indie' or 'experimental' bands. It's just not worth it for me (probably because most are worthless). But every now and then you come across a really special and exciting 'new' group that blows you away. These guys have been called 'indie' and 'experimental', but really they are good old-fashioned 'edgy folk-rock', and have a retro sound that is really satisfying. They fit right in with other 'roots rock' type groups, but are a rarity and a revelation among most 'modern' indie bands. Check 'em out.

Disc 01:
01. Intro
02. Sleepytime In The Western World
03. God & Suicide
04. Stolen Shoes & A Rifle
05. Wild Mountain Nation
06. Canyon's Edge
07. Gold For Bread
08. Jericho
09. Love U
10. Echo11. Silver Moon
12. Furr
13. Country Rain
14. The Man Who Would Speak True

Disc 02:
01. Not Your Lover
02. Black River Killer
03. Lady On The Water
04. Going Down
05. Fire & Fast Bullets
06. Big Black Bird
07. Devil's A-Go-Go
08. Booksmart Baby
09. Saturday Night
10. Harvest [Neil Young]
11. Country Caravan
12. Miss Spiritual Tramp

Links updated (and FLAC version added) 08/18/2018
FLAC - Blitzen Trapper_2009-10-16_Urbana,IL_FLAC.rar

mp3 - Blitzen Trapper_2009-10-16_Urbana,IL_mp3.rar


joseph kyle said...

great set! you should check out their labelmates The Moondoggies, who have a wonderful sound...

Dirk said...

Can this uploaded in lossless files ?

BBKron said...


Generally, I upload the best available version I have. But in this case, since the original post, I now do have this in Lossless, so I have updated the post accordingly. So, Sure Thing, Dirk, here it is (new links now available).