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Marillion - 1986-01-08 - Hammersmith Odeon, London, UK

Hammersmith Odeon, London, England

Soundboard Recording, very good quality
Available in both Lossless (FLAC) and Mp3 (320 kbps) versions

Moving on to some of the progressive bands that were not part of the original progressive era in the '70's but came later and kept the progressive flame burning through later years. In the 1980's, new bands such as Marillion, Saga, IQ, and Pendragon continued on in the progressive tradition, as several other bands, such as Dream Theater, Fates Warning, and Porcupine Tree, moved into a heavier, more progressive metal sound. Here is Marillion, a British band that became popular in the mid-Eighties, with obvious influences and inspiration from Genesis, but who forged their own way forward, delivering a 1980's version of classic progressive rock. Their commercial breakthrough came with their third album, Misplaced Childhood (1985), which went to #1 in the UK, with multiple hit singles. Now exposed to a much wider audience, their next album, Clutching at Straws (1987), was also a big hit, receiving popular and critical acclaim. However, an excessive touring schedule and constant pressure from the band's management led to the departure of their charismatic lead singer, frontman, and lyricist, Fish, in 1988. The band continued with the addition of Steve Hogarth, who had a very different style from Fish, and thus the style and sound of the band also changed (somewhat more pop-oriented) from that point on. Although their next couple albums struggled to regain their previous success, they bounced back with their seminal concept album, Brave (1994), and through the subsequent years, although not as commercially successful, they have maintained a strong fanbase that has kept them going strong, right up to the present. They have released 18 studio albums (most recent, F.E.A.R. - 2016) and countless live albums. Here is a great-sounding show from the old days with Fish, on their Misplaced Childhood tour in 1986.This recording did not include all songs played, however, (other songs played included the Intro piece 'The Thieving Magpie', 'Punch and Judy', and 'Market Square Hero' as a closer), so I have added 'Market Square Hero' from another show that year at the end to recreate the natural end of the show.

Track List:
01 - Emerald Lies (intro)         
02 - Script For A Jester's Tear          
03 - Incubus
04 - Jigsaw
05 - The Web         
Misplaced Childhood (Full album)
  06 - Pseudo Silk Kimono         
  07 - Kayleigh          
  08 - Lavender
  09 - Bitter Suite
  10 - Heart Of Lothian
  11 - Waterhole (Expresso Bongo)
  12 - Lords Of The Backstage
  13 - Blind Curve
  14 - Childhood's End
  15 - White Feather
16 - Fugazi
17 - Market Square Hero - medley (From 1986-06-21 - Mannheim, Germany, FM)

The Band:
Fish: Vocals
Steve Rothery: Guitars
Mark Kelly: Keyboards
Pete Trewavas: Bass
Ian Mosley: Drums

FLAC - Marillion_1986-01-01_Hammersmith Odeon-London-UK_FLAC.rar

mp3 - Marillion_1986-01-01_Hammersmith Odeon-London-UK_mp3.rar

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