Sunday, April 22, 2018

Soft Machine - 1970-1971 - Rotterdam, Breda, The Netherlands

Soft Machine
De Doelen, Rotterdam, Netherlands

Het Turfschip, Breda, Netherlands

Soundboard recordings, very good quality
Rotterdam show available in both Lossless (FLAC) and Mp3 (320 kbps) versions
Breda show only available as Mp3 (320 kbps)

Soft Machine (originally The Soft Machine) were one of the pioneering psychedelic/progressive rock bands of the '60's with a free-form improvisational style that paved the way for what would become jazz-rock fusion. Originally formed in London in 1966 by Daevid Allen (guitar), Kevin Ayers (bass, guitar, vocals), Robert Wyatt (drums), and Mike Ratledge (organ, keyboards), Soft Machine were involved in the early UK Underground scene and developed a growing reputation around Europe. However, this form of the band didn't last long, as when returning from a series of gigs in France in 1967, Daevid Allen (an Australian) was denied entry to the UK due to overstaying his visa. So, Allen was out and went back to Paris and formed another influential prog rock band, Gong (more about them later). Soft Machine continued on as a trio for awhile, recording and releasing their first album (The Soft Machine, 1968), considered an essential root album of psychedelic/progressive rock/jazz fusion. However, Kevin Ayers also left the band (to record a solo album) following a successful US tour (as the opening act for Jimi Hendrix) in 1968, and was later replaced by Hugh Hopper, for the recording of their 2nd album (Volume Two, 1969). At this time they transitioned away from the more psychedelic aspects to all instrumental and more of a pure jazz fusion style. Saxophonist Elton Dean was added in late 1969 and this lineup remained for their next 2 albums (Third-1970, Fourth-1971). Third was notable for its 4 extended suites (One per side of the double album), and became their best-selling and one of their most famous albums. This is the timeframe of the included shows here, from late 1970 and early 1971 following the release of each of these albums featuring this line-up. But shortly after this, the line-up would change again, as Wyatt left the band before the end of 1971, and Dean would also leave in 1972, leaving Mike Ratledge as the only original member going forward. Soft Machine was one of the early and central bands of what became known as the Canterbury Scene, which referred to a loose assemblage of intertwined bands and musicians originally based in and around the Canterbury region in the '60's and early '70's, that developed their own improvisational progressive style, incorporating a certain whimsicality with touches of psychedelia into a progressive rock/jazz fusion. Other notable Canterbury scene bands included Gong, Caravan, Hatfield and the North, and National Health (more from some of these later). So, here is Soft Machine and the progressive-proto jazz fusion era of Wyatt, Ratledge, Hopper, and Dean. 
01. Teeth  8:26
02. Slightly All the Time > Kings And Queens  16:17
03. Esther's Nose Job  10:38
1971-03-15 (incomplete)
04. Facelift
05. Virtually
06. Fletcher’s Blemish
07. Out-Bloody-Rageous
08. Eamonn Andrews
09. All White
10. Pigling Bland

Elton Dean - alto sax, saxello
Hugh Hopper - bass
Mike Ratledge - keyboards
Robert Wyatt - drums

FLAC (1970-10-24 show only) - Soft Machine_1970-10-24_Rotterdam_FLAC.rar

Mp3 - (both shows together) - Soft Machine_1970-1971_Rotterdam,Breda_Netherlands_Mp3.rar


rev.b said...

Soft Machine has certainly aged well, particularly this period. Thanks again.

otis t said...

Thanks, love this sound. Now how about some Can (krautrock).