Sunday, October 30, 2016

Mudcrutch - 2016-06-20 - The Fillmore, San Francisco, CA

Fillmore Theater, San Francisco, CA
Audience recording, very good quality
Mp3 @320 kbps

Here's some more Tom Petty and Mudcrutch. This time, rather than their original older stuff, here is the current status of Mudcrutch on their recent 2016 US tour in support of their 2nd full album, Mudcrutch 2. Tom apparently had fun reuniting with his original band for an album in 2008, so he did it again in 2016 for another album, and this time with a full-scale, full-fledged tour. I've told the Mudcrutch story previously, so no need to go over that again, but this probably also could be considered as part of the collaborative tour series of late, as rather than being the full-time frontman, as with Petty and the Heartbreakers, with Mudcrutch Tom takes a step back and let's the rest of the band have their spotlight, with each member singing lead on at least one song on the new album, and Petty handling bass and letting others do most of the guitar work. And it all seems to work, as Mudcrutch has a different sound than the Heartbreakers, and they are free to go back and do more country-rock and old-time Rock 'n Roll, and just have a good time. For these live shows they have added Herb Pedersen, bluegrass instrumentalist extraordinaire (not a regular member of the band), to round out the sound. And it's a tribute to Petty that he is content to let Mudcrutch only do Mudcrutch songs (and oldies), and not try to squeeze in a few of Petty's own biggest hits into this band's setlist. This is a wonderfully fun show and very good recording, with a few extra songs from other shows from this tour thrown in to round out the recording.

1. Shady Grove
2. Orphan of the Storm
3. Six Days on the Road
4. Scare Easy
5. Trailer
6. This Is a Good Street
7. Lover of the Bayou
8. Beautiful World
9. Dreams of Flying
10.Save Your Water
11.Hungry No More/I Forgive It All
12.Knockin' on Heaven's Door
13.The Other Side of the Mountain
15.Welcome to Hell
16.Victim of Circumstance
17.The Wrong Thing to Do
18.Bootleg Flyer
20.Crystal River
21.Bo Diddley
Bonus Tracks:
22. You Aint Goin Nowhere (2016-06-10 - Webster Hall - New York)
23. Carol (2016-05-31 - Ryman Theater, Nashville)
24. House of Stone (2016-05-28 - Riviera Theatre - Chicago)
25. Rainy Day Women #12 and 35 (2016-05-28 - Riviera Theatre - Chicago)
26. High School Confidential (2016-05-28 - Riviera Theatre - Chicago)

Mike Campbell - lead guitar
Tom Leadon - rhythm guitar, backing & lead vocals
Randall Marsh - drums
Herb Pedersen- Guitar and Banjo
Tom Petty - lead & backing vocals, bass guitar
Benmont Tench - keyboards, backing & lead vocals

Mudcrutch_2016-06-20_San Francisco_mp3.part1.rar
Mudcrutch_2016-06-20_San Francisco_mp3.part2.rar
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Happy to be the first to thank you for sharing this concert but also all that you have. Beautiful blog, Congratulations.Best regards from the West Coast of France,

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Thanks for this! Unfortunately, Part 2 is no longer on Zippy. Could you re-post?

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Link for part2 now updated.