Friday, October 2, 2015

Soul Asylum - Grave Dancer's Union Demos & Outtakes

Soul Asylum
Grave Dancers Union Demos & Outtakes

Soundboard recordings, good to very good quality
Mp3 @320 kbps
Available in both lossless (FLAC) and mp3 (320 kbps) versions

Here's some more from Soul Asylum, this time some demos and outtakes from around the time of their breakthrough album, Grave Dancer's Union (1992). This includes some early demo versions of several songs from Grave Dancers, as well as 4 songs that appear to be unreleased outtakes from these sessions. The Grave Dancers demos material suffer from some tape issues that indicate these are several generation duplicates of the originals. However, the unreleased outtake tracks are clearly from a different source, and are in much better, and high quality sound. So, although the demo versions of the tracks from Grave Dancers are interesting to hear, the real gems here are the previously unreleased outtake tracks ('Easy to Avoid', 'Some Obsession', 'Straight Up', and 'Thick and Thin'), which are very good, and a fine addition to the Soul Asylum repertoire from this period.

1.Get On Out
2.Runaway Train
3.Growing Into You
4.Easy To Avoid
6.Black Gold
7.Some Obsession
8.Straight Up
9.Thick And Thin
10.New World 2

New updated link (05/16/19)
Soul Asylum_Grave Dancers Union Demos_mp3.rar

Soul Asylum_Grave Dancers Union Demos_FLAC.rar


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