Thursday, June 25, 2015

Golden Smog - 2006-09-19 - Vic Theatre, Chicago, IL

Golden Smog
Vic Theater, Chicago, IL

 FM Broadcast recording, very good quality
Available in both lossless (FLAC) and mp3 (320 kbps) versions

Here's one more show from Golden Smog, this one from the later incarnation of the Smog which got back together in 2005, and recorded and released 2 more albums (Another Fine Day-2006 and Blood on the Slacks-2007). By this time Jeff Tweedy was only an occasional member of the band. Fortunately, this recording was one of those occasions, a broadcast revording from a Chicago show that featured Jeff along with the rest of the band performing songs from their new album, as well as their previous songs and select covers. So, here's another chance to check out  Golden Smog. One last note: I need to make a shout out to John at for making these files (and so many others) available in high quality. All these Golden Smog shows came from there, and he has many other unique and hard to find artists and shows. But for now, here's Golden Smog.

01 Looking Forward to Seeing You
02 You Make It Easy
03 V
04 To Call My Own #
05 Easy To Be Hard
06 Can't Keep From Talking
07 Long Time Ago
08 Glad and Sorry
09 Ill Fated
10 5-22-02
11 Never Felt Before
12 Starman
13 Frying Pan Eyes

14 Hurricane
15 Won't Be Coming Home
16 Band Intro - Red Headed Stepchild
17 Beautiful Mind
18 If I Only Had A Car
19 Corvette
-- encores:
20 Radio King
21 Until You Came Along

Gary Louris - guitar, keyboards, vocals
Marc Perlman - bass
Dan Murphy - guitar, vocals
Kraig Johnson - guitar, vocals
Jeff Tweedy - guitar, vocals
Sim Cain - drums
? - horns
Blake Hurlbert - tambourine
Jim Boquist - guitar ?#

mp3 - Golden Smog_2006-09-19_Chicago_mp3.rar
link updated 05/16/2019

FLAC - Golden Smog_2006-09-19_Chicago_FLAC.rar


Rstone5 said...

Thank you so much for all of the great downloads from your site. You have bands I can't find in other places and I've been able to expand my listening habits a lot. Took the liberty of sharing a show or 2 with some others who were much impressed, directed them your way.

Again, I'm very impressed with the breadth and quality of your files. I try to only dl flac files but have been mighty tempted by some of the mp3's too. You say you don't get lots of feedback, but I bet people are grateful in their hearts. wonderful listening. Please keep it up!


BBKron said...


Much thanks for your encouraging words, and for trying out some new artists you may not have been familiar with. And really, it's fans like yourself that this whole thing is here for, those who enjoy a variety of music, and are willing to take a chance on some things they haven't heard before to find something new or different. That's my main goal here, to spread the word and share this great music by artists that may be under-appreciated or not as well-known as they should be, so more can have access to it and enjoy it, and, yes, expand their musical horizons and enjoyment of music. So, it is very gratifying to hear back from you that it is doing just that for you, that is just great, and so encouraging that this endeavor is well-worth my time and effort. Thanks, and hope you find much that you enjoy here (BTW, go ahead and expand further and try some of the Mp3 stuff [Don't be a FLAC snob], as there is much worthwhile there as well). Note:If I have or can find FLAC available for a show, I'll post it, but alot of stuff I have I got quite awhile ago, before lossless was readily available, so mp3 may be all there is, and it makes no sense to ignore fine music just because it is not available in the very highest quality, and much of the mp3 stuff is still quite good quality. Give it a try as well.