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The Silos - 1990 Tour Live Compilation - 'Flipping The Bird'

The Silos

(Another great former Gainesville area band)
'Flipping The Bird'
1990 Tour Live Compilation (3-CD set)
Soundboard recording, very good quality, made and compiled by Joe Chinnici
mp3 @ vbr (180-320 kbps
Update of previous post

Just wanted to let those (few) people who have shown interest in the Gainesville artists know about a very cool link that has a vintage Silos show in great quality. As you should know, The Silos were the bend Walter Salas-Humara formed after leaving The Vulgar Boatmen. They created alot of buzz in the late eighties to early nineties, released several indie tapes and albums, and one major label album (The Silos, on RCA, 1990 - aka "The One with the Bird on the Cover") that was (like with the Boatmen) critically acclaimed, but sold poorly. They continued on for many years in various forms (usually Walter with varying different band members), but never made it big, and this early 1990's period is generally considered their best (although they're still around and still good today). Well, Brian Doherty, who was the drummer with the band during that time, and also went on to play with/for bands like They Might Be Giants, XTC, and Ben Folds, has a blog and has recently been writing about his experiences in the music biz, including his time with The Silos, and he has some very interesting comments, observations, and stories that he tells. But most importantly, he also shares a download of a 3-cd compilation of live tracks from their 1990 tour, a high quality soundboard recording made by their sound guy, Joe Chinnici. Brian states that he thinks this is the best recording by the band, capturing their full potential as a great Rock 'n roll band better than any of their released albums. He also recounts what a great and special band the Silos were back then. Be sure to check this out, and marvel at how this excellent band never quite made it. So, I have included a link to Brian's blog that lists all the Silos-related posts, including the live compilation download (entitled Flippin the Bird). However, since in a recent check Brian's download link was dead, I have also included my own updated download link for the live compilation, so that this will remain available here, regardless of the status of Brian's websitei. But thanks to Brian (and Joe) for making this available, and by all means check out Brian's site to get the full scoop on his adventures with the band, as well as his other writings and posts). If you do visit his blog and want to leave a comment, be sure to tell him that you heard about him from the BB Chronicles.

Brian Doherty's website (and info on The Silos):

The Silos - Flippin The Bird - Live 1990.rar
New link - updated and upgraded - 11/20/14 

You also should know that The Silos (in a somewhat different form) are also still active, and they have a web site ( where virtually all of their records and tapes are still available (and they even have a new album, too), so check that site out also. 

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La Piazza Gancio said...


We often read of bands that made it; how all the necessary ingredients combined and how success was practically inevitable. Less often do we read of those that didn’t make it. Of the endless disappointments and frustrations and tantalizingly-close brushes with the brass ring that rendered realizing a dream more like a nightmare.

I loved the Silos deeply. Especially the era covered in Brian Doherty’s blog. And to read of all the things that seemingly refused to happen is heartbreaking. It has doubled both my appreciation and my understanding of exactly how ephemeral the creative process is.

It makes the music and concerts that did emerge all the more remarkable.

Saying 'thank you' barely seems sufficient.