Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sara Bareilles - 2009-03-02&03 - Chicago, IL

Sara Bareilles
Live From the Gravity Tour
Schuba's, Chicago, IL

Free Web-Only Live Album, previously available through Sara's web site  (but no longer available there)
mp3 @ 256 kbps

Again, sorry for the extended delay between posts, but here we are again, with something a little different, in that (1) this isn't something very old, and (2) it comes from a very talented female singer-songwriter, who regrettably haven't been featured much here previously. Now, I'm not presenting this from any kind of notion that I need to feature more women, or any other such nonsense. No, this is being presented because it is just damn good music. Now, I have to admit that I only discovered just how good Ms. Bareilles is quite recently, and I have just been floored by her songs and style ever since. Like most people I first heard her on her big hit 'Love Song' a few years ago, and although I was impressed by that song (strong piano and forceful defiant vocals), I assumed that she was just another pop singer, and didn't really follow-up to hear more from her. It was only after my daughter started getting interested in her, and I saw her on 'The Sing-off' that I started to pay attention. Her first major label album, Little Voice (2007), is just incredible, I highly recommend it, it contains excellent songwriting, superb vocals, and an extraordinarily cool style and feel. She is much more than a 'pop' singer, with a great jazzy, bluesy, gutsy, sultry style, and great songs (best tracks, the 1-2 knockout punch of 'Come Round Soon' and 'Morningside'). Her style has been described as "slightly edgy, stompy piano-based pop rock that incorporates jazz and soul" and I guess that is as pretty good, although somewhat generic, description. To me, I would say that she is the best new female singer-songwriter to come along since Norah Jones, and that's saying alot. Her 2nd album, Kaleidoscope Heart (2010) is a bit more pop-oriented, but still very good. So, if you haven't heard her beyond what is played on the radio, definitely check her out. Presented here is a live promo album that was previously given away free to fans through Sara's web site. It's pretty short, so I added a few tracks from the Live from Abbey Road set.  

1. Intro
2. Bottle It Up
3. Come 'Round Soon - Vegas
4. Free Ride
5. Intro
6. Love Song
7. I'm On Fire (featuring Tony Lucca)
8. Gravity
Bonus tracks:
Live From Abbey Road (2008)
9. Love Song
10. Gravity
11. Morningside
12. Oh Darling!


pueblo47 said...

Thanks for this new one. I'm not familiar with her but I will be soon. After all, music is everyone's common bond in here.

synonymicious said...

Pretty glowing recommendation...can't wait tio hear, and thanks for posting!