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Steely Dan - The Lost Gaucho and Outtakes (corrected and enhanced version) - 1979

Steely Dan
The Lost Gaucho and Outtakes
(NEW upgraded version - phase-corrected and cleaned-up)
Studio outtakes, good to excellent sound quality

For this version, Phase-correction and audio touch-ups and clean-up work provided by Anthony Ochoa for the BB Chronicles

Now available in lossless (FLAC) and mp3 (320 kbps) versions!

My previous post of Steely Dan's Lost Gaucho and Outtakes has consistently been one of the most popular posts ever here at the 'Chronicles'. So naturally, as I was preparing many posts for upgrading (to lossless and/or improved, upgraded quality where possible) a month or so ago, and since previously these were posted only as mp3 files, I planned on including the Lost Gaucho in this upgrade group. Coincidentally, around this same time, I was contacted by an alert blog reader who had recently downloaded the files from here, and who happened to be an audio engineer, and he noticed that for the entire CD1 of the post, the left and right channels were completely (180 degree) out of phase with each other, which resulted in cancellation and loss of sound from some frequencies (particularly low end), and an overall loss of fidelity in the recordings. When I checked it out, he was absolutely right, and as I checked around for other (and Lossless) sources, I found that all the available sources I could find also had the same out-of-phase problem, so it appeared that these were the versions that have been around the trading circles for years. Fortunately, correcting this type of phase issue is quite simple to do, and it is surprising that it has not been fixed before now. Anyway, my new audio engineer blog friend, Anthony Ochoa, was interested in not only fixing the phase problem, but also going through the recordings and doing some EQ and clean-up work on them to bring them up to a higher sound quality. So, that is what he did, and his resulting work on CD1 (The Lost Gaucho) has restored these files to a much fuller, richer sound, almost to a commercial quality level. Unfortunately, the many sound problems on the other batch of outtakes on CD2 were not so easily fixed, as Anthony told me, the "warbling & mushy" sound was probably due to a transfer from "a lousy cassette tape that was poorly calibrated and poorly maintained, as was the deck used to play it back" resulting in some sound problems that can't be fixed. Nonetheless, Anthony also did go through the lesser quality CD2 files and performed some "clean-up work" on them to fix some gaps, fades, and erroneous noise.  Thus, CD1 now has greatly enhanced sound quality, while CD2 only has some minor enhancements, but nonetheless this is an overall upgraded and improved package, and is also now available in lossless as well as mp3. Generally, for my recent upgrades, I have not made new posts, just updated the old one, but for this exciting new enhanced and upgraded version, I thought a new post was warranted. Thanks to Anthony for taking time to make these improvements and make this available. For more info and background on the original recordings and sessions, see the original post here. Note: I am leaving the original post (and link) intact, so that those interested in the unaltered files can still get those. 

CD1: The Lost Gaucho (phase-corrected and equalized)
01 Kind Spirit
02 Were You Blind That Day
03 The Bear
04 The 2nd Arrangement
05 Talkin' About My Home
06 Time Out Of Mind
07 Kulee Baba
08 Gaucho (instr.)

CD2: Various Demos, Outtakes, & Alternate Versions (cleaned-up)
01 Gaucho
02 The Second Arrangement
03 Glamour Profession
04 Babylon Sisters
05 My Rival
06 Gaucho (piano demo)
07 Babylon Sisters
08 The Second Arrangement
09 Talkin' About My Home
10 I Can't Write Home About You
11 Kulee Baba

FLAC - Steely Dan_The Lost Gaucho and Outtakes(corrected-enhanced)_FLAC.rar

New Link! (06/16/18)
mp3 - Steely Dan_The Lost Gaucho and Outtakes(corrected-enhanced)_mp3.part1.rar
          Steely Dan_The Lost Gaucho and Outtakes(corrected-enhanced)_mp3.part2.rar


Narrow Dog said...

Thanks for the clean up version BB look forward th hearing this version.

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Brilliant - many thanks for sharing this :-)

SiamTwin said...

Excellent stuff. thanks much!

25thBeatle said...

Appreciate this upgrade BB. Actually I missed the original post so, as they say, timing is everything. Will be checking this out several times in the next few days.

The explorer said...

Very cool

KevinDavitt said...

Can you please tell me what an ".rar" extension is? I downloaded but my Mac didn't recognize.


alex g. said...

Thank you. That’s very kind of you.

Unknown said...
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The explorer said...

@alex g its a compressed file, you need an app such as stuffit to decompress it.

haddemall said...

This is insane, my eternal gratitude.

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Fantastic! Much appreciated....

leonard said...

your generosity is much appreciated.


Unknown said...

Just downloaded this and I must say this is a special treat because it's a labor of love. At least it's SORT of a new album for me, knowing we will never get a new one from Steely Dan ever again. Thanks!

Unknown said...

I use Free Rare Frog Extract to decompress the files BTW.

Unknown said...

Free RAR Frog Extract I mean.

Muff Diver said...

Thanks, BB!

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Excelente. Gracias por la aportaciĆ³n.

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Only just found my way here. Would you be so kind to upload the FLAC version again? Thank you so much!

dtCat Remasters said...

Here's a mirror for those interested in the FLAC version.

Little Rock said...

Hey man, thank you for this. I recently found out these exist. I thought I had a complete collection and now this. So excited! Steely Dan is a top 5 band for me.

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for this upload. I only came across this album from an excellent documentary on You Tube re the lost Gaucho album here which led me to this excellent post. Downloaded last night and put on a CD and I must say it sounds fantastic, as you say not far off a professional CD. Many thanks to your good self and the audio engineer who did some great work on this. It's a fantastic compliment to the released album and gives us an idea of what might have been with this album. Thank you so much for the up-load, fantastic stufF!