Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Aimee Mann - 2000 & 2003, Hamburg & Norfolk, VA

Aimee Mann
Angie's Nightclub, Hamburg, Germany
The Norva, Norfolk, VA

Soundboard and audience recordings, very good and good quality, respectively
mp3 @ 192 and 329 kbps

Here's another of my favorite female singer-songwriters from recent years. I first heard Aimee Mann around 1999 (on 'You Could Make a Killing') and was instantly taken with her style and sound. Then I heard her songs in the Paul Thomas Anderson Film Magnolia (1999) and had to hear more from her. That was followed closely by her Bachelor No.2 (2000) album, which (together with the Magnolia songs) is I think her very best work, and then the Lost in Space (2002) album, which is also very good. I just love her cynical, world-weary, yet also breathtakingly beautiful vocal style and inimitable songs. No one else quite sounds like or has a style like Aimee Mann (For a rather depressing, yet also strangely uplifting, Christmas album, check out her One More Drifter in the Snow-2006). So, featured here are a couple of live sets from what I consider her very best period, covering from
1999 to 2003. The 2000 Hamburg show features a great recording, but a too-short set (perhaps from a radio broadcast?), so I have added to that with a couple songs from 1999 and most of her full show at the Norva in 2003, which is not nearly as good a recording (audience), but features her full set and many different songs (several from Lost in Space). So, please, enjoy some Aimee Mann.

1 It's Not safe
2 Save Me
3 How Am I Different
4 Long Shot
5 Wise Up
6 Deathly
7 Ghost World
8 Calling It Quits
9 Red Vines
10 The Fall of the World's Own Optimist
11 The Moth
12 Sugarcoated
13 Humpty Dumpty
14 Susan
15 Amateur
16 You Could Make a Killing
17 Wonderwall (with Duncan Sheik)
18 That's Just What You Are
19 This is How It Goes
20 Pavlov's Bell
21 Long Shot
22 Driving Sideways
23 Invisible Ink
24 Sweet Home Alabama
25 Deathly

Tracks 1-8 - 2000-04-09, Angie's Nightclub, Hamburg, Germany (192k)
Tracks 9-10 - 1999-08-07, Tramps, NYC, NY (192k)
Tracks 11-25 - 2003-02-05, The Norva, Norfolk, VA (320k)

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John said...

HF web page counts down but doesn't generate zip for download. Great artists though

John said...

Download works now- thanks.

Jonno said...

Thank you.

Chief Kurtz said...

The Norva set is not her complete set. I was there, and wrote them down:

It's Not Safe
The Moth
Calling It Quits
Lost In Space
Wise Up
Save Me
You Could Make A Killing
That's Just What You Are
This Is How It Goes
Pavlov's Bell
Long Shot
Driving Sideways
Invisible Ink
Sweet Home Alabama