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Neil Young - An Evening With Neil Young Solo: The 1999 Tour Compilation

Neil Young
An Evening With Neil Young Solo: The 1999 Tour Compilation
Essential acoustic compilation on 5CD - 74 tracks

Rust / Human Highway Community production
Recording source and quality varies, but mostly very to good to excellent quality
Available in both Lossless (FLAC) and mp3 @320 kbps versions
Artwork Included

This is a legendary compilation that I have been looking for since before I started this blog, and has been on my request list ever since. Well, I finally acquired it along with many other excellent Neil Young shows and boots (thanks to Pink Robert and his wonderful collection). And it is an impressive compilation, put together by the Rust/Human Highway Community folks, that chronicles Neil's excellent 1999 solo acoustic tour, and includes all the different songs performed on that historic tour. This US tour, which lasted 3 months, from March 2 to June 2, 1999, was done completely solo. Over the course of the approximately 40 shows, Neil performed a total of 68 different songs, and all are represented here, as well as selections recorded from 25 different shows on the tour. This is a wonderful document of this tour, and the compilers did a great job of selecting quality versions, keeping an order resembling the flow of the shows themselves, and maintaining continuity from song to song and show to show. Great job. And although there are numerous good recordings of individual entire shows from this tour (and I highly recommend getting at least 1 or 2 of those complete shows), it is also great to get the full breadth of the material played, and different versions from all the different concert venues in this compilation. Yes, it wasn't really anything new for Neil to step away from his various bands and projects to do these solo shows in 1999, as he has done various solo shows and tours from time to time over the years (and there are many great solo shows from other tours also available), and they are always interesting and worth listening to, but this 1999 compilation may be one of the best overall documents of an entire solo tour. 

CD 1:
1. Announcement (4/15 - Nashville)
2. Tell Me Why (3/8 - Portland)
3. Looking Forward (3/17 - Sacramento)
4. War Of Man (4/19 - New York)
5. Out Of Control (5/29 - Austin)
6. Albuquerque (3/9 - Portland)
7. World On A String (3/6 - Seattle)
8. Shut Up Asshole (4/24 - Philadelphia)
9. Don't Let It Bring You Down (3/20 - Oakland)
10. Philadelphia (3/17 - Sacramento)
11. Homegrown (3/8 - Portland)
12. Daddy Went Walkin' (3/9 - Portland)
13. Distant Camera (4/21 - New York)
14. Ambulance Blues (3/20 - Oakland)
15. Southern Pacific (5/30 - New Orleans)
16. The Needle And The Damage Done (5/29 - Austin)

CD 2:
1. On The Way Home (4/21 - New York)
2. Goin' Back (5/20 - Detroit)
3. Time Spent In Detroit (5/20 - Detroit)
4. Pocahontas (4/19 - New York)
5. Long May You Run (4/18 - Boston)
6. Old King (3/8 - Portland)
7. Old Man (3/9 - Portland)
8. Harvest Moon (5/30 - New Orleans)
9. Heart Of Gold (3/6 - Seattle)
10. Last Trip To Tulsa (4/27 - Akron)
11. Slowpoke (5/30 - New Orleans)
12. After The Goldrush (4/27 - Akron)
13. Good To See You (3/17 - Sacramento)

CD 3:
1. Lookout For My Love (5/17 - Milwaukee)
2. Unknown Legend (3/9 - Portland)
3. Razor Love (5/23 - Minneapolis)
4. Lotta Love (3/2 - Vancouver)
5. Cortez The Killer (3/11 - Spokane)
6. Dreamin' Man (5/29 - Austin)
7. Expecting To Fly (5/1 - Chicago)
8. Horseshoe Man (5/27 - Austin)
9. Love Is A Rose (4/24 - Philadelphia)
10. I Am A Child (4/21 - New York)
11. One Of These Days (5/22 - Miineapolis)
12. Cowgirl In The Sand 4/21 - New York)
13. Throw Your Hatred Down 3/2 - Vancouver)
14. White Line (6/2 - Houston)
15. Mansion On The Hill (4/18 - Boston)

CD 4:
1. Out On The Weekend (6/2 - Houston)
2. Buffalo Springfield Again (6/2 - Houston)
3. Harvest (6/2 - Houston)
4. Birds (4/27 - Akron)
5. Nowadays Clancy Can't Even Sing (4/28 - Chicago)
6. Comes A Time (4/18 - Boston)
7. Red Sun (5/29 - Austin)
8. Helpless (6/2 - Houston)
9. Flying On The Ground Is Wrong (3/9 - Portland)
10. Internet Rant (5/1 - Chicago)
11. Dance, Dance, Dance (5/1 - Chicago)
12. Down By The River (3/20 - Oakland)
13. Mr. Soul (5/19 - Detroit)
14. Mother Earth (5/20 - Detroit)
15. From Hank To Hendrix (3/20 - Oakland)
16. Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere (4/24 - Philadelphia)

CD 5:
1. Cinnamon Girl (4/21 - New York)
2. In The Great Divide (5/29 - Austin)
3. Lotta Love (5/1 - Chicago)
4. See The Sky About To Rain (3/8 - Portland)
5. Kansas (3/20 - Oakland)
6. Ohio (4/27 - Akron)
7. Southern Man  (4/27 - Akron)
8. Silver & Gold (4/27 - Akron)
9. Only Love Can Break Your Heart (3/26 - Las Vegas)
10. Powderfinger (3/8 - Portland)
11. Pocahontas (5/1 - Chicago)
12. On The Beach (5/1 - Chicago)
13. Sugar Mountain (5/1 - Chicago)
14. Last Trip To Vegas (3/26 - Las Vegas)

New Links! (Links updated 12/19/13)
mp3 version - CD1: NY_1999_Tour_comp_mp3_CD1.rar
    CD2: NY_1999_Tour_comp_mp3_CD2.rar
    CD3: NY_1999_Tour_comp_mp3_CD3.rar
    CD4: NY_1999_Tour_comp_mp3_CD4.rar
    CD5: NY_1999_Tour_comp_mp3_CD5.rar

Lossless (FLAC version) - (Links updated - 02/03/19)
CD1: NY_1999_Tour_comp_FLAC_CD1.rar
CD2: NY_1999_Tour_comp_FLAC_CD2.rar
CD3: NY_1999_Tour_comp_FLAC_CD3.rar
CD4: NY_1999_Tour_comp_FLAC_CD4.rar
CD5: NY_1999_Tour_comp_FLAC_CD5.rar

Much more Neil to come over the next several weeks!


DK said...

Many thanks! This is an excellent compilation for Neil!

iggy said...

Thanks for the Neil. Look forward to more. Best,


JLB said...

Thanks guy for our greatest friend Neil !

Sean said...

I've been looking for this for a long time and could never find it. Finally gave up, then it popped into my head again a couple days ago and found your site. THANK YOU for having this available. It is an incredibly stunning document of the tour.

I was always partial to the 3/20 Oakland, CA show from this tour, but I've heard several other highlights on this compilation that will make me seek out other complete shows. Wonderful stuff!

BBKron said...


Glad I was able to get this for you. I know that it was hard-to-find because I was looking for this for about three years before I finally got it, and I wanted to make sure that it would be available to others after that. It is a wonderful compilation. As for the individual shows, I have about a dozen of them, and you're right, the Oakland show (and recording)is very good, but there are several others that are also excellent, such as the Chicago, Austin, Houston, and Vegas shows, among others (if I recall correctly). Thanks for the positive feedback.

Aaron Eel said...

Got Art...?

thesteam said...

Where can I find the solo concert you wrote of in Oakland, CA? I would love to download that. I saw the tour in Sacramento. I was in the "golden circle" and got to meet and greet with Neil :)
Thanks, Douglas

Yve Lepkowski said...

THANK YOU for posting this!!! I am really looking forward to listening to it :-)

Daz72 said...

Hi, any chance you could post new FLAC links for parts 3-5? Really looking forward to listening to this.

BBKron said...


FLAC links updated, all working now.

Daz72 said...

Thanks, much appreciated.

analogkid610 said...

thankx the zippy worked great I got all 5 parts and now write this. However the flac only has 2 fast parts the first 3 take hours to get.

xman51 said...

Thank you very much for Neil!

purpelaar said...

FLACS are down it seems. Can you do MEGA?

terryfunku said...

Thank you for sharing these!

This was the first great Neil compilation I received on CD-R back in the day. Glorious!

Anyway you could fix the FLAC uploads? I would love to hear this in HQ again!

BBKron said...


FLAC links have now been updated. Enjoy!

terryfunku said...

Thank you, BBKron!