Monday, September 20, 2010

John Prine - 1986 - Asheville, NC (plus bonus tracks)

John Prine
Asheville, NC

October 1986

(with Phillip Donnelly)
SBD recording, excellent quality
Now available in lossless (FLAC) and
mp3 @ 320 kbps

Here's another excellent John Prine show, this one from the mid-80's. By this time, Prine had left the major labels and was putting out albums on his own independent record label, Oh Boy Records. Although this meant more freedom and less pressure to make more commercial albums, without major label support it also meant a much lower profile and lower album sales (none of his independently released albums from this period charted on the Billboard 200). Thus, although these albums, Aimless Love (1984), German Afternoons (1986), John Prine Live (1988), and The Missing Years (1991), were not as well-known as some of his previous albums, they were nevertheless gems, each containing several new classic Prine tunes. So, here is a selection from that time in his career. This is an excellent soundboard recording rom Asheville, NC, with assistance from Phillip Donnelly, and I have also added onto this selected tracks from another excellent show from 1984, highlighting more songs from this period, or classic tracks that have not been featured yet. So, please, enjoy more from the great John Prine.

01 Lulu Walls
02 Torch Singer
03 Aw Heck
04 Six O'Clock News
05 Out of Love intro
06 Out of Love
07 Donald & Lydia
08 Blue Umbrella
09 Souveniers
10 Grandpa Was a Carpenter
11 Fish & Whistle
12 Storm Windows
13 Illegal Smile
14 Dear Abby
15 Far From Me
16 Sabu Visits the Twin Cities Alone
17 Linda Goes to Mars
18 Let's Talk Dirty intro
19 Let's Talk Dirty in Hawaiian
20 The Great Compromise
21 Sam Stone
22 Sailing Around
23 My Own Best Friend
24 Spanish Pipedream
Bonus tracks (1984-2-6 - Houston)
25. Bruised Orange
26. Billy the Bum
27. Aimless Love
28. Common Sense
29. Come Back To Us Barbara Lewis...
30. Unwed Fathers
31. Iron Ore Betty
32. People Putting People Down
33. One Red Rose
34. Please Don't Bury Me

tracks 1-24, Asheville, NC 1986
tracks 25-28, 1984-2-6, Rockefeller's, Houston, early show
tracks 29-34, 1984-2-6, Rockefeller's, Houston, late show

New Link  (Updated 06/23/10)
mp3 compilation: John Prine_1986-10_-_Asheville_NC_bonus_mp3.rar.html

Complete shows - full lossless versions

1986-10_Asheville: John_Prine_1986_-_Asheville_FLAC.rar
1984-2-6_Houston (both shows): John_Prine_1984-2-6_-_Houston_FLAC.rar


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