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Little Feat - 2 College Shows from Fall 1978 Tour

Little Feat
2 college shows from Fall 1978
Last tour with Lowell George

Here are a couple more Little Feat shows, these from near the end of Lowell George's tenure with the band. I wanted to feature a concert from this period, as they include several newer songs (Time Loves A Hero, Day or Night, All That You Dream, etc.) from the mid-70's albums not yet available in the earlier 1974 shows already posted. The UNH show has better sound quality, but is drastically shortened (cut to 55 minutes for radio broadcast), and the William & Mary show, while it has some sound problems and a noticable cut in 'Dixie Chicken' (but still pretty good sound overall), has the full show (and a similar setlist as the UNH show), so the songs missing from the UNH show can be heard here. Thus, I decided to post them both. In addition, these shows are not available on the Internet Archives-Live Music Archives website, so they are less readily available.

Little Feat has always been one of those bands that you have to hear live to really appreciate. Their studio records have never adequately captured their great sound as well as their live performances. Which is probably why their one official live album from this period ('Waiting For Columbus"- WFC) was their most popular album. And incidently, WFC, recorded in in 1977, has been widely acclaimed as one of the greatest live albums of all time (check it out). Anyway, these represent some of the last group of shows with Lowell George. After the 1978 tour wrapped up, early in 1979 and the making of their next album ('Down on the Farm'), Lowell announced he was leaving the group and would start a tour in support of his new solo album ('Thanks, I'll Eat it Here'). The rest of the group finished the album and released it in June 1979, but also announced that the group was disbanding. Two weeks later, George tragically died of a heart attack while on his solo tour. That was seemingly the end of the band. However, 9 years later (1988), all the surviving members reunited with Craig Fuller (from Pure Prairie) added on vocals and Fred Tackett on miscellaneous guitars and strings, released a new album and went on a triumphant tour. Driven by Bill Payne, Paul Barrere, and Richie Hayward, and featuring an even more diverse sound, the reformed band was still great (even without Lowell, although he certainly was missed). And the new incarnations of Little Feat have been performing steadily ever since (although some additional lineup changes have occurred, the core of Payne, Barrere, Hayward, Clayton, and Tackett has remained), and they still put on great live shows. So, if you get thet chance they are still well worth seeing (They are currently on their 40th Anniversary Tour, as the band was first started in 1969). Unfortunately, recently (August 2009) it was announced that drummer Richie Hayward was leaving the group due to health problems (later determined to be liver cancer), so we wish him all the best with his treatments and recovery.
Anyway, here are the 1978 shows:

UNH Fieldhouse, University of New Hampshire, Durham, NH
FM broadcast (Little Feat Radio Hour), very good quality quality
mp3 @ 192
01 introduction - Teenage Nervous Breakdown
02 Rock and Roll Doctor
03 Time Loves a Hero
04 Day or Night
05 Texas Rose Cafe
06 Keepin' Up with the Joneses
07 All That You Dream
08 Fat Man in the Bathtub
09 Dixie Chicken
10 song introduction by Lowell George
11 Apolitical Blues

missing tracks (played but not included in radio broadcast):
Gringo Jam>Day at the Dog Races
Spanish Moon
Oh Atlanta
Old Folks Boogie
Encore: Willin>Don't Bogar That Joint, Feats Don't Fail

Little Feat
College Of William And Mary, Williamsburg, VA
Soundboard, good quality
mp3 @ 192
01 Time Loves A Hero >
02 Day Or Night
03 Texas Rose Cafe
04 Skin It Back >
05 Fat Man In The Bathtub
06 Spanish Moon
07 Gringo Jam > Day At The Dog Races
08 KeepIn' Up With The Jonses
09 Old Folks' Boogie
10 Dixie Chicken *
-- Encore
11 Willin' > Don't Bogart > Willin' > Feats Don't Fail Me Now
12 Oh Atlanta
Soundboard RecordingUnknown SBD Transfer to DAT
* splice from first chorus to final chorus and end jam)

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Senor Wences said...

Hey - any knowledge of the setlist from the show that was played by Little Feat at the Towson Center in Baltimore MD that autumn??? I was there and remembered a KILLER show, but not the setlist (at least 2 if not 3 encores)


dwight schrutte said...

notto complain - but you listed these as reupped shows but I still get the mediafire suspended account notice