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Neil Young 1973-03-11 Bakersfield, CA 'Last Album' boot

Neil Young
Civic Auditorium, Bakersfield, CA
(plus songs from 02-03 and 1-14 dates)
Reconstruction of the 'Last Album' bootleg
Audience recordings, good quality

New! Now available in Lossless (FLAC) and upgraded (320 kbps) mp3 versions (previously was available as 192 kbps mp3 only)
Artwork Included

OK, just one more 'Neil' show, before I move on to other stuff. So, here's another 'oldie' from Neil. This one captures a rather dark and rough period for Neil (but musically rich). This comes from the Time Fades Away tour, which was during the time Neil was dealing with the death of former guitarist Danny Whitten, among other things (while rehearsing for this 1973 tour, Young dismissed his friend and guitarist Danny Whitten (as he was strung-out and not capable of performing properly) with a plane ticket and $50 cash. The next night Whitten was dead from $50 worth of raw heroin). From 1973-1975 Neil released Time Fades Away, On The Beach, and Tonight's The Night, all made within months of each other and sharing the same source of guilt, self-doubt and regret. That's a lot of pain to pour out onto three albums over three years after hitting the ceiling with Harvest and the million selling single, 'Heart Of Gold', in 1972. Those were chaotic days. Last Album is a two-CD set that offers the complete Civic Auditorium show in Bakersfield on March 11, 1973, plus several songs from a couple other early dates on the tour (at New York and Florida) that featured several different songs. It starkly captures Young's mood at the time. Nostalgic and pained.

Disc 1
01 Sugar Mountain
02 Tell Me Why
03 Sweet Joni
04 Old Man
05 Heart Of Gold
06 Loner
07 Look Out Joe
08 Time Fades Away
09 Don't Be Denied
10 Alabama*
11 New Mama*
12 Last Dance*
13 Southern Man*
14 Cinnamon Girl*
15 Are You Ready For The Country*
Bonus tracks
16 On The Way Home
17 Here We Are In The Years
18 After The Gold Rush
19 Out On The Weekend
20 Harvest
21 Dance Dance Dance
22 LA
23 Journey Thru The Past
24 Borrowed Tune
25 Lonely Weekend
26 Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere

Neil Young - vocals, guitar, keyboards, harmonica
Ben Keith - pedal steel guitar, vocals
Jack Nitzsche - keyboards
Tim Drummond - bass
Johnny Barbata - drums (tracks 1-15, 21-26)
Kenny Buttrey - drums (tracks 16-20)
* w/ Graham Nash and David Crosby (vocals, guitar) (tracks 10-15)

Tracks 1-15, complete show from Bakersfield, CA, 1973-03-11
Tracks 16-20, Bayfront Center, St. Petersburg, FL., 1973-02-03
Tracks 21-26, War Memorial Auditorium, Buffalo, NY, 1973-01-14

Note, this compilation was was constructed from separate full-show recordings to replicate the tracklist of the older CD bootleg titled 'Last Album', but was not actually taken from that original bootleg issue.
The full show recordings (in FLAC) for the 2/3 and 1/14 dates are currently available at Plumdusty's Page, as well as many other fine lossless boots.

New Links! Now available in upgraded quality (Lossless and 320 kbps mp3) (Updated 05/20/15)

mp3-320: Neil Young_1973-3-11_Bakersfield_plus_Last Album_mp3.part1.rarar


tylerw said...

Hey! Wonderful site, thanks for all the Neil Young stuff. For some reason, I'm having trouble downloading this "Last Album" though. Any chance you could re-up it sometime? Thanks! Oh, you might want to check my blog A lot of homemade Neil Young bootleg comps there -- but probably nothing you don't already have! :)

BBKron said...

Thanks, tylerw. I checked the links and did not have any trouble downloading, so maybe just try again. If still a problem, let me know. BTW, I checked out your site, and have DL'ed the NY 80's collection and some of your other compilations. Haven't listened yet, but looks really cool. Although I do have most of the tracks, always good to hear them in collections like this. I like your approach and appreciation of the 'lesser' or 'minor' works of guys like Neil and Dylan, etc. Great Job, Keep it Up.

Tyler W said...

Yeah, it's weird -- I tried again, and am having the same problem. The .rar file downloads fine and then I unstuff it and get an error message at the end. Might be a problem on my end? No big deal!

Ric said...

No problem here. Thanks!

Sounds From the Astral Creek said...

RE UP!!!! Please

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

Always have trouble trying to download. Message after message wanting to send notifications and redirecting to different pages, not to mention the ads for porn.

kgosfm said...

Just downloaded this release in FLAC, but on part 1, tracks 1-12 are good, but track 13 (Southern Man) shows 0 bytes. Then on part 2, none of it is good. Gonna try to d/l again.

kgosfm said...
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kgosfm said...

downloaded both parts again, and it seems that the .rar archive (part 2 FLAC) may be corrupted, as it won't extract. part 1 is good except for track 13 again :(

BBKron said...


The files are fine (I re-downloaded and checked them). The problem is how you extracted them (or the extraction program used). The files need to be extracted together, they cannot be extracted separately. Make sure you have both parts 1 and 2 of the download together in the same folder, then extract part1, part2 will then automatically extract following part1 to complete the entire fileset. trying to extract separately will result in missing tracks, error messages. I use Winrar, and 7zip also is good, but I don't know about other extractors.

kgosfm said...


Thanks for the WinRAR extractor tip. I tried that, and followed your instructions, and VOILA! it worked perfectly. Thanks again.