Monday, April 14, 2008

Kinks Live 1977

Here we have a couple of superb shows from the 'Sleepwalker' Tours (1977), each featuring very different setlists, mixing in some of their classics with the
excellent new Sleepwalker songs, as well as some songs from their much-maligned theatrical concept albums of the mid-70's. I include both here because, although the Rainbow Theatre show is a better recording and includes the essential tracks, the Winterland show provides a more extensive and quirkier setlist, containing many songs they no longer performed after this tour. Well worth checking out both.

The Kinks 
Rainbow Theatre, London, UK
Soundboard recording, excellent quality
192 kbps Mp3
Cover art included

01 Sleepwalker
02 Life on the Road
03 Waterloo Sunset
04 All Day And All Of The Night
05 Slum Kids
06 Celluloid Heroes
07 Get Back In Line
08 The Hard Way
09 Lola
10 Alcohol
11 Skin And Bone
12 You Really Got Me
13 Juke Box Music

New Upgraded links! Now available in Lossless as well as 320k mp3 versions: See new links here:

The Kinks 
Winterland, San Francisco CA
Very Good quality, from FM Broadcast
320 kbps Mp3
No artwork

01 Opening
02 One Of The Survivors
03 Sleepwalker
04 Rush Hour Blues
05 You Make It All Worthwhile/Ordinary People/Everybody's A Star
06 Lola(singalong)/Banana Boat Song
07 A Well Respected Man
08 Sunny Afternoon
09 Waterloo Sunset
10 Celluloid Heroes
11 Schooldays
12 Schooldays(reprise)/ The Hard Way
13 Education
14 Brother
15 Stormy Skys
16 Life Goes On
17 Full Moon
18 Lola
19 Alcohol
20 You Really Got Me/ All Day All Of the Night
New Additions! Now complete show
21. Life On the Road
22. Victoria

New Upgraded links! Now available in Lossless as well as 320k mp3 versions: See new links here:

Note: The Winterland show was actually 2/19, not 2/18 as indicated on many of the bootleg versions. The show on 2/18 was actually in Santa Monica, CA, and apparently an excellent tape of this show does exist (Now available here:the-kinks-1977-02-18-santa-monica-ca.html).

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Unknown said...

thanks for the Sleepwalker tour! Very under rated album and the Kinks are highly under rated as well. Thanks very much!!